The Mist (2nd viewing)

Unlike apparently 99.99999999999% of the world (grr), I went to see The Mist again last night. It holds up quite good on a 2nd viewing. If you haven't checked it out yet, I really don't know why... it truly is the year's best horror movie. Sure it's not perfect (some of the CG is terrible, though the movie only cost like 15 million bucks and has a huge cast), but it's flawless in the areas that matter.

Anyway, I just wanted to add a couple notes to my original review, but I'm too lazy to edit.

  • There IS music in the film prior to the 3rd act. Though only in the two "action" scenes and it's far from hummable "theme" music. I stand by my claim that it's some of the least intrusive music ever, especially in a horror movie.
  • I had forgotten about the other "Dark Tower" connection - the later books deal with doors opening between worlds, and I think there's even a line that directly mentions these particular monsters breaking through, but I can't remember the specifics. God, Darabont NEEDS to make the DT TV show (as much as I would love to walk into a movie theater and see a "Dark Tower" film, I know I'd be crushed by the obvious trimming to the narrative to fit a 2 hr film. An HBO series, with each season devoted to a book, would be fucking perfection.
  • Marcia Gay Harden is fucking HILARIOUS in this movie. "Bitch if I want a friend like you I'll just squat and shit one out." HAHAHAHAHA. So using that on someone. She also claims that going to the moon is one of mankind's sins. See you in hell, Neil Armstrong!!! Also, still hot.
  • Tom Jane is noticeably drunk in a few scenes.
  • On the ending, I still took the same meaning away, but I think the reason that many folks are turned off by it is because they are not seeing it the same way. If my theory is right, I think Darabont needed to make it a little clearer (perhaps showing some of the supermarket people in the truck). If I'm wrong, well, I dunno, it's still a great movie.
Thank you that is all.


  1. i can get behind most of this movie, but the ending just kills me.

  2. I went and saw The Mist the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I highly enjoyed it. Props to Marcia Gay Harden's character for perhaps being the most foul-mouthed and cruel Christian nutjob I've ever seen on screen. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught how poorly done some of the CG was.

  3. On the ending, containing MAJOR SPOILERS:

    I don't think I read your view on the ending until reading this follow-up, but I really can't agree.

    The mother who is on the truck, the one who leaves at the beginning. She didn't have any faith, she had to get back to her kids because nobody else would have. She survives.

    David Drayton survives, and he had no faith.

    David's son had faith in his dad and, well, he's not around any longer.

    Personally, i looked for grocery store survivors on the truck because I thought that was the point too, but with her not there...I just don't buy it.

    I can't see it as a morality tale about faith though, because some people who had faith lived, some who didn't lived, and some who were nothing but stupid followers lived as well...

    Still though, as you said, great movie.

  4. They did show some of the supermarket people in the truck; the "won't anyone see a lady home?" and her 2 kids roll past staring at him.

    (feel free to delete this if it's an obvious spoiler, it's just a FYI for you)

  5. Oh crap, I forgot to the ending...I like it but I don't love it. To me, the best way to describe it is that it doesn't feel like it was given enough time.

    I would have prefered that they cut out some of the dissolves from one shot of them driving to another and spent more time between stalling and the ending... It just doesn't feel like enough time passed.

  6. Yeah, but that lady leaves the grocery store. I meant specifically the people who are left in the grocery store when David and his crew take off.

  7. I finally saw it today, and loved it. I even thought the ending was pretty great; I haven't seen where King has said anything about it, but I wouldn't be suprised if he wishes he had written it at least a little bit.

    I thought it was the best horror movie I've seen in 2007, and I've also seen "Hatchet" and "Behind the Mask" which were my other two faves going into this one.

    I get so annoyed at all of the horror fans that bitch and moan about how all they make are remakes and sequels to the genre, but yet when something like "The Mist" or "Hatchet" comes out, no one goes to see it. However, "Halloween" makes a ton of cash, so obviously this is what they are going to keep making if those are the only ones you will go and see.

    I thought Marcia Gay Harden was great; my favorite bit was when she tells the biker he can have that conversation in hell when he goes there in a few minutes. Did not notice Thomas Jane drunk, but thinking back I think you're right. Good stuff.

  8. Clearly, the best horror release this year. The ending was pure perfection, imo.

  9. In response to Godawg... you're right, there is something to contradict pretty much anything you come up with. BUT it's worth nothing that the woman survivor believed in her fellow man ("Won't anyone see a lady home?"), and also put aside her fear for the good of her children. And David may survive in the technical sense, but it's hardly a 'victory' for him as he is now going to be pretty f-ed up for life as a result of what he did. So it's sort of like a cautionary tale about how it's OK to be afraid, but not let it guide your decision making? I dunno.

  10. Good point about the woman survivor, definitely. I'm not sure I believe that there's a clear message that they're even going for, but I like the idea that there are actually a lot of different theories on the meaning and they all seem to contain some validity.

  11. I cannot wait to check this out. Heard nothing but good things. King+Darabont=Greatness.

  12. that "good of her children" shit gets my goat-- she left her 8 year old to watch her like 3 year old and says, actually says, "sometimes she forgets she's watching him". that's just poor parenting!!! lazy bones-- drag your kids to the supermarket with you!!!!

  13. I wouldn't worry too much about folks not going to see this movie in the theater--remember Darabont's "Shawshank Redemption" was fairly a flop on release, and now it's considered the second-greatest movie ever according to the IMDB poll. "The Thing" and "The Shining" were also pretty maligned on first release as well. "The Mist" will get its due appreciation, I think, in time.

  14. So I saw this on your recommendation, and I have to say, it blew me away. Sure, the CGI sucked, but I am a complete sucker for the whole monsters menacing people who are revealed to be monstrous, or forced into doing monstrous shit. Do you think there's any way I could award Marcia Gay Harden an Oscar for her portrayal of my personal favorite wacko evah?

  15. She got a Saturn Award for it... that'll have to do. :)

  16. watched this movie with my wife, as i had been trying to get her to watch it forever. the ending upset her quite a bit, but i think that it made it's point and you have to make your choice! now i'm gonna make her watch grace!

  17. I loved it so much too. I can't believe it was such a flop. One of my favorite horror films, way up there with Starship Troopers in the "bug" department.


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