Hey Look! I'm Writing About Horror Movies!

If daily reviews (and Lost Episode A Day!) aren't enough to satisfy your BC cravings, head on over to the kick-ass new site Badass Digest and read my long (even by my standards) defense of Halloween 4, which is the debut entry for my weekly column over there. Some columns might just be reviews (not unlike the "non canon" reviews I do here), others might be rants on something current... the only real unifying theme will be, well, horror movies. The plan is to have a new column every Tuesday, which is of course the same day of the week that the Alamo Drafthouse has their Terror Tuesdays series. It just so happens that this week's TT movie is Halloween 4, so it made a nice place to start (it won't always have that sort of synergy). I hope you guys dig it, and bookmark Badass Digest for daily reading!


  1. Just read it and I agree with you...I remember watching this as a kid and remember Danielle Harris very well..She grew up to be gorgeous and I loved her in the recent Halloween films and also Hatchet 2... I actually just watched this last night on AMC. I was staying at the Hollywood Historic Hotel and came across it. It is just a fun movie to watch and enjoyable. Hooray more BC haha. I went to see Curse of the Werewolf last night at the NEW BEV and it was fantastic. Are you going to Trick R Treat and Halloween 3 this weekend? i will be there saturday. Hope all is well man

  2. Yeah I'm hosting Halloween 3 on Saturday! Tommy Wallace is coming for Q&A. Should be awesome times.

  3. I just finished reading your review of Halloween 4, BRAVO, you nailed it! I always thought it was well done and scary myself! So great to have found your site!
    And in 8th grade I totally wanted to be Rachel. Even stopped pinning my pants and wore them straight-legged together with a gray sweater like hers. . . !


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