HMAD Screening: John Carpenter's VAMPIRES

I know, we missed October for HMAD screenings. But it's not like there wasn't any better options - the New Bev was showing horror movies practically every night! Didn't need my nonsense. But November will be HMAD-ified! On Saturday, November 19th at 11:59pm, HMAD (so, me) will present John Carpenter's Vampires! Now tell me, did you just get wood?

I'm quite excited for this one - when the movie came out in the fall of 1998 I was pretty broke and car-less, and thus I had to walk down to the crappy budget theater near my school on a Tuesday afternoon, when the movies were even cheaper. Granted, I've seen movies in lamer theaters, but certainly a Carpenter film deserves better. So seeing it at my favorite place in the world will finally make things right.

As a bonus, the awesome Sandy King will once again be on hand for a pre-movie Q&A, and we're trying to rope in some others as well. And I'm sure I'll have some DVDs to give away and swear words to say. As always, you can buy your tickets at the door for 8 bucks (cash only!) or online at BrownPaperTickets. The New Bev is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, 2 blocks west of La Brea. All the info is also on the awesome poster below, which I encourage you to steal and post about on your own sites/blogs/twitters/what have you. Let's pack this joint!


  1. All right, prepare to be jealous. I saw Vampires when Carpenter premiered it at the Long Beach Widescreen Film Festival. Not only that, but the second feature that night was a screening of the classic "The Haunting". And before either film screened, the moderator sat down with Carpenter AND Robert Wise to talk about horror in the cinema. God damn it, that was good.

  2. Damn, another one of these I'd love to see--if only I didn't live on the opposite coast.

    I've come to appreciate it a lot over the last few years; would be awesome to see Woods kicking ass on the big screen.


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