Search Boxes! Fun!!

This morning I got two recommendations for movies already reviewed on the site, so I figure it's time to remind everyone about the two search boxes. One is on the very top (left side) of the page, the other is on the right, under the banner. I know it's not the best engine in the world, but usually searching in one or both will yield the title you're looking for. In my experience, the one on the right is more exact (because it starts with the title of the post, i.e. the movie's name), but it's also missing more movies. The other just searches the entire post, but seems to find stuff the other one doesn't.

You can also Google "Horror Movie A Day" plus the movie you're looking for, which might even be quicker since Google is terrifyingly accurate. In some cases the words in the title are kind of vague and common, so in that case, the Google approach is definitely recommended.

To be fair, one of the recommended films was Don't Look Now, which took me a while to find myself. So I will re-post that one, as it was obviously skipped over when Google indexed everything (the other was Critters, which was pretty easy to find). And if I come across others that are un-searchable I'll re-post those as well. So longtime readers - sorry if old posts start turning up in your RSS feeds and the like, I'm just trying to fix these "broken" reviews.

I only point this out because the recommendation thread is quite long and I try to fulfill them all and having redundant requests makes it harder to get to the others (and credit those who suggested it). But since most are anonymous I can't just contact the requester and provide them with the already existing review.

Thanks folks!

P.S. The recommendation thread has two pages, the second of which I cannot figure out how to access without leaving a comment myself. So if you're leaving recommendations - fear not, they ARE there! I'm trying to clean it up (seems like 200 comments is the max for page 1) so that everything's on one page.

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  1. I have a request concerning how comments are posted. You see, my computer will not let me post comments to a certain type of blogspot blog comment section (I have to use my wife's computer at night which is not very convenient. The type that does not pop out (i.e. your type). I know this sounds weird but it's true. I have trolled the web trying to discover why my computer causes this problem and have only found a small number of people who experience the same issue as myself. They can't find a fix either. I have success posting to the pop out composer. I was wondering if you would consider changing that setting. It might change the look of your blog so you might not want to do it, but it also might make it look better. No biggie if you can't but I just thought I'd ask.

  2. I had the popout in the past, but I found that having the box right there inspired more people to comment, which is what I started the site for in the first place (to "talk" about each movie).

    Odd that you have that problem though - never heard of it before. Have you tried another browser? Are you on IE, Firefox, Chrome... ?

  3. I figured you might not be happy with the change. Just thought I'd ask.

    I use Firefox exclusively, but I'm testing this using a different browser (Safari - I'm using a Mac). I guess we'll see if it works...

  4. Hey! Lookey there... it worked! I guess I'll just have to use Safari when I'm burning to comment. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation this is gonna help me and my bro:)



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