HMAD Presents: The Best Years Of The Decade!

Lots of folks have been pointing out gaps in the various lists that are going around about the best/worst of the decade. Which got me thinking - maybe some people are forgetting about certain years when compiling their lists! So I thought I'd provide this helpful guide to what I feel are the best years of the decade.

NOTE - They are listed in order of release, not merit.

01. 2000
02. 2001
03. 2002
04. 2003
05. 2004
06. 2005
07. 2006
08. 2007
09. 2008
10. 2009

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  1. Stopped reading the moment I saw 2003 on the list. Whoever even mentions 2003 and 2000 on the same list doesn't deserve to be taken seriously as a journalist.


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