Comic Con!

Hey, this is the 5th "I'm off to Comic Con so there won't be any reviews" post! Who would have thought we'd still be here, all these years later? Are any of the 21 readers I had back then still reading? And yes, that's the exact number of average hits prior to HMAD hitting "the big time" with the Halloween review. Memories...

Anyway, if you're new to the site since the last Con - I will be watching movies but not reviewing for a few days, as I'll be running around San Diego doing Bloody Disgusting (and Badass Digest?) press type stuff. So it'll be a bit quiet here until Monday or so, but you can keep up with my silly exploits on Twitter! Which didn't even exist when I first started going to Con, incidentally.

And if you're also going to Con, check out this article which details a few of the panels you can find me at (in the crowd, not on stage), as well as how you can win a DVD! Come say hi! Unless I gave your movie a bad review and you're a soft-skinned jerk, in that case - stay away!


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