First off, I want to apologize for all of the confusion and last minute changes to the HMAD/Screamfest screening of The Loved Ones this Friday (June 1st, 11:59pm - the time hasn't changed at least!). I know it's frustrating and midnight movies are already a bit of a hassle, so to change things at all is certainly not ideal, let alone 2 days before the movie.

The reason that we had to change the venue is a sad one: the 35mm print we worked so hard to secure for the screening is no longer available. I don't think I'm supposed to explain why in detail, but let's just say that the MPAA is involved and Paramount doesn't want to challenge them. So it put Tugg in a bad position, because everyone is likely to assume it's their fault. I want to assure you that it is NOT Tugg's fault in any way, and in fact they've been trying for days to find a way to rent a digital projector for the Bev to use so they could show the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) that they are using for all of the other Loved Ones screenings in Chicago, Austin, etc. Unfortunately they were unable to find one in time, and the studio wouldn't help out, so the New Beverly couldn't be an option.

Of course, none of this would have happened if the studios weren't so hellbent on ditching 35mm for inferior, glitchy digital versions. It is a real slap in the face to film fans that all of this could have been avoided if they weren't treating 35mm as some sort of special novelty like vinyl releases. The fact that they only have a single print - one that might never get to be seen again - is disgusting.

But back on point, needless to say we had to abandon the Bev (which sickens me) and go to our 2nd pick, the Mann's Chinese 6. I just saw a film there last night (Snow White - not great but technically astounding at times) and I assure you that their digital projection is terrific. But feeling that wouldn't be enough of a consolation to those who were excited to see the film at the Bev on 35mm, Tugg has graciously offered to allow all existing ticket holders a free extra ticket, so they can bring a date. Needless to say, they can also get a refund if they no longer want to go. If you bought a ticket, you should have gotten an email about it this morning - check your inbox!

The rest of the evening is still on as planned. Screamfest and Horror Movie A Day are still having a pre-movie mixer at the El Coyote on Beverly Blvd, which is about a 5-10 minute drive from the Chinese (just take Highland back up to Hollywood blvd), and writer/director Sean Byrne will still be on hand for a Q&A with yours truly. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be a little more specific about what caused the last minute changes ;).

As always, feel free to steal the poster below and/or blog/tweet/Facebook about the screening! I want to see that place PACKED so that Paramount sees the value in the film and rolls it out to more cities during the month! Don't let your fellow horror fans down!


  1. If I bought two tickets, does that mean I get TWO free passes? That would be awesome. The email was unclear. I sent them an email, but haven't heard back. Thanks!

    1. If you bought them before the venue switch, then yes.


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