I'm on TV again!

Folks, set your DVRs! If you have the Chiller channel (according to their press release, 40 million of you do), check out Chiller 13: The Decade's Scariest Movie Moments, which premieres this Friday (December 17th). It's a countdown of the decade's scariest movies as chosen by them (but I don't argue with many of their picks - The Strangers, Paranormal Activity, The Ring, etc), featuring commentary by a wide variety of folks, including genre legends like Tony Todd and Greg Nicotero, up and comers like Lucky McKee and Ti West, a few comedians, and yours truly. And unlike the Halloween doc that aired on Bio in October, I'm actually in it quite a bit (too much, if you ask me), so don't worry about missing me if you run to the fridge. And yes, I say "balls" again (well, "ballsy", close enough). Enjoy! Let me know what you think! And make fun of my nice boy shirt!


  1. Hey I just watched the Show last night, I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it was cool that "Cloverfield" and "30 Days of Night" were put on the list. But I didn`t really agree with some of the stuff like "The Orphan" and "28 Days Later". I really liked the variety of commentators they had,I was pleasantly surprised to see Ed Alonzo on there, he`s a really funny magician who puts on some really good shows! Anyways my question for you is did you agree with what was chosen as the #1 scary movie of the decade?

  2. Given the limitations of the show (i.e. they had to stick to movies people had actually seen), I think it was a good list, though I think both PA and The Descent are scarier than The Ring.

  3. How cool to see you on TV. I tivoed it, just to make sure I got to see you, since I have been a reader for years :) You did good, and the shirt was fine!!! HAHA


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