My apologies to those who were joining in for HMADLiveTweeting, as it was prematurely ended due to a double whammy of nonsense. First, I was told I had exceeded my tweet "allowance" and that I wouldn't be able to post anything for a few hours. Seems odd, as I felt that I wasn't posting as much as I did for the last movie (where I never got that error), but I solved it by simply making a new account - HMADLiveTweet2 (very creative). But as soon as I got that going, Twitter itself seemed to go down. *Sigh*. Hopefully next time will be met with less annoyances - here I thought if there was a problem it would be due to me nodding off or getting pulled away from the computer, but it was really all Twitter's fault! JERKS!

At any rate, be sure to add HMADLiveTweet2 to your Twitter followers, so if I get the error again next time (while using the original HMADLiveTweet), I can just switch over and we can resume without much delay. Also, if you had any other suggestions/complaints/concerns with the LiveTweet process, please let me know!

Thanks again for "playing"!

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