HMAD Screening: Silver Bullet!

On my "wishlist" for screenings at the New Beverly (many of which may never happen thanks to the studios ditching their 35mm vaults - sign every petition you see, folks!), I have "Pretty much any Stephen King movie", because for the most part they're the sort of movies that will be fun to watch on the big screen (and have fans that might actually show up for midnight screenings). Obviously there are some exceptions - you couldn't pay me to ATTEND a midnight showing of Lawnmower Man or Thinner, let alone host one - but as I look over the list of adaptations, many of them have me thinking "I wouldn't mind seeing that on 35mm."

And out of those, Silver Bullet is a terrific choice, because it's also an actual "HMAD" movie, in that I saw it for the first time as one of my daily movies and found out that I liked it quite a bit and wished I hadn't let it pass me by for so long. When I started doing the screenings, apart from SHOCKER, I wanted to do movies that doing HMAD had allowed me to discover (or re-discover), but due to print availability it's hard to come by those, which is why I end up doing movies I just really dig (i.e. The Descent). Nothing wrong with that, of course - I'd happily host a screening of The Descent every week if they let me - but movies like this are more in line with my original idea for the screenings; to share my "discovery" with like-minded folks who may also have missed the flicks the first time around (very possible with Silver Bullet, as it's one of the lower grossing King films despite the one-two punch of Corey Haim AND Gary Busey).

So if you're a newcomer or a die hard fan who saw it during its original theatrical run, come check it out! The New Bev is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, 2 blocks west of La Brea. As always, you can buy your tickets at the door for 8 bucks (cash only!) or online at BrownPaperTickets. All the important info is listed on the below poster as well, so I urge you to steal it and post it on Twitter, Facebook, your blogs, milk cartons, etc. See you there!


  1. Ha ha, I'd come if I was anywhere near L.A.! I saw this one in the theater with my dad when it came out! I really enjoyed it, and I hope for your screening you can serve some Rhi-i-i-inegold Beer! Ha ha, best of luck with the show!

  2. I love this movie :( wish I was near the States, let alone L.A. :p

  3. I saw this at a drive-in with my friend and his dog (a sheepdog named Josephine)!

  4. Los Angeles! Drat. Can't we convince you to pack all your films and move south, way south? All the cool stuff happens on the friggin' coasts, boo, hiss ;-)

  5. Silver Bullet remains one of my all time favorite werewolf movies, right up there with The Howling and with Angela Carter's THE COMPANY OF WOLVES.


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