Fango Con - Day #2!

Man, am I tired. Even though it seems I was sitting for a good chunk of the day, my feet feel like they are about to fall off. On a plus note, I obtained a few more Fangorias AND got 3 much needed (and fairly rare) signatures*... I now only need 10 issues and will have the entire run!

Like yesterday, I will now present some of the highlights!

- Rob Tapert revealed that Boogeyman 3 is already completed shooting and now being edited... this is possibly good news as B2 was actually a lot of fun.
- Tapert also updated us on the status of Grudge 3, apparently they begin shooting Monday. With a new creative team, this might turn out OK, but still, I am not holding my breath.
- Some good stuff from the Fear Itself panel; including most of the director/writer teams. Victor Salva is writing an episode for John Landis, and the guys who did the Carpenter episodes of MoH will be working with Last Winter director Larry Fessenden. Also, many cast members were revealed, such as Landry from Friday Night Lights, and uber-cutie Shiri Appleby.
- The LA Convention Center operates on the assumption that people stop eating at 5 pm.
- The screening room setup isn't ideal - I don't expect elevated seats and all that, but unless you're in the front row it's impossible to see the bottom half of the movie even if no one is in front of you! Hopefully they will improve this for next year.
- Clive Barker has a bunch of projects in the works, including new books and new films. First on the list is Dread, which is going to be directed by Anthony DiBlasi, one of the producers on the upcoming Midnight Meat Train.
- Eric Red's 100 Feet looks pretty chill... at one point, the increasingly lonely and house-bound Famke Jannsen (she has one of those ankle things that keep her under house arrest) lusts over a college age delivery boy - which made me wish I was a delivery boy. Or an actor playing one at least.

Tomorrow is, of course, the big day, as GEORGE ROMERO himself will be doing a panel along with several other key Night of the Living Dead folks as part of the film's 40th anniversary. Come on down!

*Once I had obtained around 75% of the Fangoria collection, I began a new quest: having the director of whatever film was on the cover (main photo, not the sidebar stuff) sign it. As you can imagine, it's not very easy, especially since a. many of them do not attend cons anymore, such as John Carpenter, b. they have a LOT of crap no one remembers on the covers, particularly in the early 90s (Dolly Dearest? Christ!), and c. some of them are dead. Also I refuse to pay for autographs, which also sort of screws me for a few. Still, it's fun, and I have made good progress thus far.


  1. Good luck tracking down the elusive Dario Fulci for your signatures...

  2. "Clive Barker has a bunch of projects in the works"

    Ha ha, nice understatement.


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