HMAD Presents: The Best Saw Films Of The Decade

There is no denying that the Saw franchise is an important part of horror in the 00s. No other horror series had as many entries, and few horror films made as much money as the 2nd and 3rd films. So now that the decade is over, we at Horror Movie A Day thought we would look back at the top 5 Saw films of the decade. Which films were the best? Which got left off the list? Check below to find out!

1. Saw
2. Saw II
3. Saw III
4. Saw IV
5. Saw VI

Honorable Mention: Saw V

How about you guys? Which Saw films are on YOUR top 5?

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  1. Mine is similar but THE COLLECTOR topped the list.

  2. ha,ha, nice one, but.... 6 is better than 4

  3. Hahahaha!!!!

    This is the best 'End of the 00s' list I've ever read!

  4. Zed the order is actually just in order of release, to make the joke a bit more obvious (that 5 is the worst). My actual order is 3/1-6-2-4-5

  5. 1, 2 then done. the rest sucked.

    the first had a cool concept and I thought what do they do next? then the second one they threw a bunch of people into the mix to make things bigger. and added a lot more of the Wahlberg dude which is the only person I ever liked in the series.

    then it was repetitive and dumb. and I didn't care about Amanda or any other killer they tried to bring into it

  6. also 6 was really bad, the worst. you people are crazy


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