Any Readers Good w/Sound?

In a bit I will be posting the newest commentary track, and like the others, it would have gone up two hours earlier if I knew what the hell I was doing when it comes to filtering it so it sounds good. Granted it sounds better now than the original recording, but a. I'm sure it can be even better and b. it takes a lot of time-consuming trial and error to get it that way, and of course I always forget what I did when it comes time for another. So if any readers are or know someone who is a whiz with that sort of thing, please contact me (frightreviews at the gmail) if you are willing to take a small sample of one of my recordings, make it sound good, and then tell me what I can do to achieve a similar result for the whole piece. I use Cool Edit Pro (version 2.1 I believe) but I also have Adobe Audition if that's better/easier (I've never used it). Thanks in advance!!


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