Horror Movie A Day Spinoff!

I have started another blog, one that won't be updated as frequently, and will be of less interest to probably all of you, but oh well. The only person who will promote me is me myself.

I introduce to you: OBLIVION QUEST A DAY!

Same jist, only it's about the Xbox game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. A game that recently has drawn the rage of horror movies by eating into its time. However, I should stress that HMAD will always come first, and the Oblivion one will be more a 'when time permits' project. I only kept the name for franchise consistency. I have literally dozens of "____ A Day" ideas (A Sandwich A Day, A Hardy Boys Book A Day, A Photo Of A Homeless Dude A Day...)!

Anyway, enjoy, and stay tuned for regular programming.


  1. man the internet is stupid. it lost my last comment. something about halo 2 quest a day ending horrifically...ah well a wasted youth is better by far than a wise an productive old age innit?

  2. Hahahaha yeah I could see some problems with that. Tetris line a day would fail miserably as well.

  3. I actually beat you to the "---- a day" craze, as from April 24 2006 to April 23 2007 I wrote a sonnet a day, every day, and blogged it at http://thesonnetproject.blogspot.com. Many of them were horror-themed, but many also were not. I still post poetry there when the mood grabs me. :)

    So how about a "Dirty Limerick a Day"? Or a "Blow-to-the-Head-a-day"? :D

  4. blow to the head sounds good, but only for other folks.... ill check out the sonnets later. Any Halloween movie themed ones??

  5. I do have one with Michael Myers in it (click here), but none about the movies per se.

    However, I did get inspired to do a Crystal Lake sonnet one Friday the 13th.

    Here's a quick link to all the horror sonnets. I'm thinking of trying to get a chapbook published or something. Enjoy.

  6. Haha nice!

    Bit of useless trivia, I noticed you linked the 13 Days of F13 articles from CHUD. I know Devin, and he told me one day last spring that he read my entire blog in one sitting (which, at that time, was only like 40 movies).

    Next day: BAM! 13 days in a row of F13. Hmmmmm.....

  7. How about 'A Murder a Day'. I will pledge to kill one deserving victim per day. I live in L.A. and I assure you it will go unnoticed. Even without blogging about it, I shall pledge this to you, it will happen, rest assured. There is no way out of this.

    Wow, what was that? Did I just say something weird out loud?

    I'm stupid, and bored, but not by this site, I'm at work right now, working for the all powerful white American male.


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