HMAD Screening: In The Mouth Of Madness

Oh HELL YES. I haven't been this excited about a HMAD screening since Shocker! In The Mouth Of Madness is the last John Carpenter film I needed to see projected in 35mm, having missed it during its theatrical run (I didn't have a license then - I was at my mother's mercy!). All of the others I've been able to catch thanks to revival screenings, but Madness has eluded me... until now! I would have been first in line even if I wasn't hosting!

And as a special bonus, I'll be having a Q&A with producer Sandy King before the show! If you came to the Bev for Prince of Darkness a while back, you know she is a total delight, so it should be a fun chat. Plus I'll have some DVDs to give away for insanely easy trivia questions.

It all goes down on Saturday, April 16th, at 11:59 PM. As always, the show will be at the New Beverly Cinema on 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, 1.5 blocks west of La Brea. Tickets are 7 bucks at the door (cash only!) or you can buy in advance at Brown Paper Tickets. Parking is available on Beverly or the side streets (Formosa tends to be the best bet). See you there!

Note - due to a printing issue, the screening is not listed on the printed New Beverly calendar, so please try to help spread the word via Twitter and Facebook and such. Much appreciated!


  1. One of the last good Carpenter movies he has made! Great film! :)


  2. Your posts and tweets about these screenings at the New Bev always make me so jealous. I live in New Orleans, and while I love it here we just don't get to DO stuff like this! I moved here from po-dunk nowhere Alabama, and you'd think that a city would have more options, at least to see a few of the new independent genre movies in theaters, but nope, not really. Maybe I just don't know where to look. Anyways, this looks awesome, you lucky bastard. hahaha.

  3. Why am I not there? Oh, cuz I been working on Hellraiser all night. Well, not now. Now I'm drinking vodka.


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