Best/Worst list

While I compile my Horror Movie A Day-centric list (which isn't limited to films from this year, or even standard categories), feel free to surf on over to Bloody-Disgusting for my "official" list of the best and worst horror had to offer in 2007. My number 1 picks should be no surprise to anyone who reads HMAD regularly, but some other choices may surprise. Or not, I dunno.


  1. Can't wait to read your list. Have a great New Year's Eve, Brian!

  2. My top ten most insufferably bad movies ever (not limited to horror):

    1. Bride of the Monster
    2. Humanoids from Atlantis
    3. Stranger than Paradise
    4. The Norseman
    5. Theodore Rex
    6. Big Momma II
    7. Ghost Dad
    8. Red Scorpion
    9. Punisher
    10. Zombie Cop

  3. Punisher is good


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