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Hey folks, while I try to get all caught up on my review backlog (two to go for HMAD, three for Badass), why not read something a little more meaty (and professional)? My good friend Matt Serafini, who writes for Dread Central under Masked Slasher, has just published his first novel, and it's available for your Kindle as well as in good old-fashioned paperback (yay!). The book is called "Feral" - here's the plot synopsis:
It was supposed to be an idyllic summer vacation for college friends Jack Markle and Allen Taylor. But they didn’t know about the evil lurking in the resort town of Greifsfield. When Allen falls under the influence of insidious beauty Elisabeth Luna, Jack begins to realize that sinister forces are at work all around him. And now he’s fighting to save his friends from an age-old evil he never believed could exist.

Even if it kills him.
The synopsis doesn't say, but I don't think it's spoiling anything to say that the "age-old evil" is in fact a werewolf.  And I know Matt is an expert on the genre (he's seen ALL of the Howling movies and read the books, just for starters - and you guys say *I* have too high a tolerance?), I can guarantee he's delivered something worth your while if you're a fan of lycanthropes or of horror literature in general. Not sure if it's in stores yet, but you can definitely get it via Amazon which is how everyone shops now anyway. 



  1. I will definitely check it out!

  2. Speaking of books, I have always wondered if you were a Bentley Little fan.

    1. Just wanted to offer some suggestions in case you have never had the pleasure of reading a Bentley Little novel. I really think you would enjoy his stories based on what I have learned about your preferences after reading your reviews for several years now.

      Rather than over-complicating the story with background about the monster, Little prefers to relish in the details of what is happening in the story. He can take the most mundane activities and make them seem sinister. Of his novels, some of my all-time favorites include:

      The Town
      The Ignored
      The Association
      The Policy
      The Collection (short stories)

      He is known for most of his stories having the basic title of "The ---" as seen above. His stories also take place in their own little universe, with people and places recurring throughout different stories.

      I cannot stress enough how great his stories are, especially if you (which I know you are) a fan of simple, character driven, slow-burn horror such as the original Halloween. I do have to admit, the endings are often quick and seem anti-climactic sometimes, but the rest of the story and Little's imagination completely make up for this.

      Masters of Horror used one of his short stories (from the book titled The Collection) for an episode called The Washingtonians. It wasn't a bad story, but there are many I would have rather seen on screen.

      Sorry for the length of this rant! I need to go to bed!


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