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I know literally hundreds of other folks watch a horror movie a day in October. They are lazy. But I still fear them, and I feel that I should do something to keep HMAD sticking out a bit during the month. Hence the new POLL (look to the right under my goofy picture), which will close on September 30th at 11:59 PM PST. If you have an "other" option, feel free to write it in the comments on this thread.


  1. Maybe you could come up with a specific kind of horror movie to watch in October. Example during december I watch non-traditional Christmas movies. i.e. Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, or any other action-adventure or non Christmas movies that have Christmas something running in the background. (btw I'm a lazy horror movie a day in October kind of person.) Keep up the good work, and you don't need to fear me trying to edge my way into your review territory. imnsho, your reviews rule.

  2. those jerks. i watch as many as i can in october.

  3. Since a couple of your reviews profess a weakness for "cult" centered movies (Crypt of the Living Dead, The Devil's Hand), how about you make October The Devil's Month and make your theme movies about cults and covens, esp. devil-worshipping ones? Better yet, how about cult movies from the 70s, when they were all the rage and oh so groovy? I'm sure you can work up a 31 flick list with relative ease.

    A few to start with:

    Brotherhood of Satan
    Ride with the Devil
    The Devil's Rain
    Satan's Baby Doll
    Simon, King of the Witches
    The Antichrist
    Nude for Satan
    To the Devil a Daughter
    The Satanic Rites of Dracula
    The Sentinel

    There must be hundreds.

    (Note--I didn't check to see which of these you've already reviewed, if any.)

  4. I havent seen any of those!!! Well Ride with the Devil I think i saw on MST3k, unless I'm thinking of another title.

    But I think what I am going to do is watch 2, one new and one that's been requested/recommended by readers that I had already seen. I'm sure there are 30 of those, and then of course #31 will be Halloween, which will contradict the FAQ but oh well.


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