HMAD *WILL* Watch Your Short!

Because they apparently enjoy reading swear words in critiques of their films, folks are always asking me to check out their short films, and I would love to. The problem is, my work computer is shit, and videos frequently skip/freeze/crash my browser, which is not an ideal way to watch your stuff. But when I'm home, apart from my daily movie, I am too easily distracted by Xbox and such, so I forget to go back and look at those tweets or emails that I hadn't answered. As a result, I feel kind of bad, but I don't want to say "Sure I'll watch!" and then never do it. However, I think I've found a solution: HMAD Short Watching Day!

Once a month I'll dedicate about 2 hours to watching your short films, and (since I assume you want my feedback) writing up a capsule review of them all. Now, as with a feature - if you ask me for my opinion, you're going to get it. If you're not able to accept that I might not like it, then don't submit it for consideration. I will only be watching movies specifically offered by a key creator (ideally the director, though a producer is fine), and they have to be available online - I don't want people sending me discs (they'll get lost - take the word of those folks who have already done that). Right now I'm looking at the first Saturday in December (the 3rd), so you have a week or so to make up your mind and get those links in. To "submit", simply leave the link on the comment page here. If you don't want it public yet, just leave a comment saying so (to keep a "first come first serve" order intact) and we'll work something out.

NOTE - it's possible I will have more requests than I can handle. If it's December 1st and you see two dozen links already in the thread, chances are I won't get to yours (again: first come, first serve). Hopefully it won't come to that, but I can't promise I'll have more than 2 hrs to do this. On that note - I'd really appreciate ACTUAL SHORTS (5-12 min range, roughly). If it's a half hour long, that's going to keep me from seeing 2-3 others, which is a bummer for all involved.

Hopefully you guys see this as a good idea. I really do love watching shorts, but it's just hard to find time for them - I know it sounds stupid ("They're SHORT!") but I am stretched pretty thin between real work, occasional credits, HMAD, Badass Digest, Bloody Disgusting, sleep, Xbox, reading, and yes (sorry) tweeting about Community every 12 seconds. I don't channel surf (or even web surf that much anymore) - my day is pretty "planned" and thus finding 10-15 minutes here and there is trickier than it sounds. Hopefully, this will keep us all happy!


  1. Hey Brian, how about watching my short. We made it for the "ABC's of Death" Competition.

  2. Awesome idea, BC. Check out my short. It's scary, it's 9 minutes... what else could you ask for? And feel free to share your honest opinion. Just don't make me cry.

  3. Here's a short for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy it, trash it if you don't. Yea!

  4. What the hell. This is a bit old now but I still like it.

  5. "Get Off My Porch" as seen at Shriekfest and the New York City Horror Film Festival.

  6. Boah! They can make good Films with good Idead. But my homemade Videos are .... stupid ^^ No, nobody can I see that. I must were bether!

  7. I've filmed two short films:

    To Romero With Love, a 10 min Toronto documentary about people who've been brought together by George's zombie films. Trailer:

    and Preservation, a Post-Apocalyptic thriller, 10mins.

    Unfortunately, none of them are available on Youtube. Can I mail you DVDs, or perhaps send you a digital file somehow?

    Oh, also, 4 min Dead Space Fan Film:

  8. Eh, why not. A short I shot a few years ago:

  9. I've got one for your to peruse, a short I wrote and directed for Halloween this year.

    "SWEET TOOTH" Duration: 7:51

  10. Somehow, none of the (terrible) shorts I've made are online. I only have a dvd collection of them. You're probably better off never seeing them.

  11. Hey there BC, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my short, Bubbling Under (Starring Marc Duncan & Axelle Carolyn). See it here:

    I wrote and directed by the way.

    Thanks Brian!

  12. Here's one me and some friends made for a history of film class a year and a half ago or so (hence it being a silent film).

  13. - 'Animal' a UK horror short.

    We also have a Resident Evil webseries available to watch here:


  14. Mine is a bit more sci-fi than anything, filmed back in late 2009 over the course of a few weekends. Let me know what you think:

    "Last Days"

    Its 8 min long. :)

    -Conrad Faraj

  15. Hey Brian, It's HombreLobo1 - Here's my short which was just filmed and finished this month! "La Llorona"

    -Ian Messenger "HombreLobo1"


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