Need Some More BC In Your Life?

Hey folks, I'll be on TV again this Friday (Oct 28th) as part of Chiller's new special "Chiller 13: Horror's Creepiest Kids", in which me and a bunch of far more reputable folks discuss some of the great weirdo children in horror movies, both good (Cole from Sixth Sense, Carol Anne from Poltergeist) and bad (Children of the Corn, Henry from Good Son), and everything in between. Sadly they did not include Cathy from Cathy's Curse, but nobody's perfect.

The special premieres at 8pm and shows round the clock for the rest of the night. And if you missed the previous BC-ified special, "The Decade's Scariest Movies", that one will be repeating a couple times before the Creepiest Kids one premieres. So pretty much anytime you turn on the Chiller channel this Friday, you might catch me rambling on and on about horror movies. For a change.

Hope you guys enjoy it! Happy Halloween!


  1. aww man! :( and here it is i'm going out of town toa cable-less locale to celebrate halloween >_< i never win!!!

  2. Please tell me that little freak with the glasses in Bloody Birthday gets a shout-out.

  3. I mentioned a few others, whether they made it in is unknown.


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