Original HMAD inspired art!

You may want to deny it, or even assume it's just a (very elaborate) joke of some sort, but I assure you: Horror Movie A Day WILL be ending sometime next spring, as I reach 2500 reviews and thus probably officially run out of things to say. Of course, I'll still be doing my thing at Badass Digest and Bloody Disgusting, and of course tweeting more than any person should, but there will no longer be a daily review for you here.

And while many of you have expressed your dismay about this (and I love you for it!), one reader has gone above and beyond to show how much he digs the site and hates to see it go - he made an original work of art that, in my opinion, KICKS ALL KNOWN ASS! I am not even doing it justice here by shrinking it down for you all to enjoy - the original image is a whopping 8031 x 11963 in pixel size! Cathy's Curse-d head is bigger than my monitor can allow!

So please join me in gawking at this amazing bit of imagery. The artist's name is Jacopo Tenani and he has a Pinterest page with some more terrific pieces, including a mind-blowing Suspiria piece that you should all dig. And while I know my Photoshop posters are just shy of perfect (to the visually impaired), I am hoping I can rope him into designing something for an upcoming HMAD screening at the New Bev.



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