HMAD Screening: Halloween II

When Michael from the New Beverly told me I could host the screening of Halloween II, I was already ecstatic - as a junkie for the franchise I'd even be happy to host one of the lesser entries, let alone the first (and to some, best) sequel. But it wasn't until later that I discovered that the original film would be screening directly before it, allowing me to play a small part in an incredibly rare event - back to back screenings of Halloween/Halloween II in glorious 35mm!

As just about any slasher fan worth his salt knows, Halloween II picks up directly after Halloween, continuing the night of that same October 31st as Laurie is taken to the hospital for her injuries, with The Shape in hot pursuit. Being Michael Myers, he of course kills just about everyone in the hospital BUT his target, but that's what makes it so fun, right? And Loomis - in a greatly expanded role - is still after his former patient, but it's not such a pressing matter that he can't stop to mutter his usual nonsense to anyone who will listen. I'm a particular fan of "It's a TRIBE! One of their number was butchered - this is a WAKE!"

Thus, difference in quality (and Jamie Lee's hair) aside, it's a perfect horror double feature, since most part 2s can give you whiplash (a movie from a completely different series would make a better pair with Nightmare on Elm Street than Freddy's Revenge), made even sweeter by the proximity to its namesake holiday. Of course, the Halloween screening is a charity event (one that sold out - even the 500 dollar tickets!), so I know not all of you will have the opportunity to do both, but I'm hoping there will be a lot of folks that are doubling up on their Myers time.

And while I don't have prints available (yet?), my screening DOES have a custom poster as well, courtesy of Jacopo Tenani, who also provided a terrific piece for August's Monkey Shines screening. The poster is below, and when you're finished drooling over it like I did when I first saw it, feel free to share it on your sites to help promote the screening! As the poster explains, Halloween II will be showing at 11:59 pm on Saturday, October 27th, at the New Beverly Cinema - 7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90036. Tickets are 8 bucks cash at the door or online at BrownPaperTickets; street parking is widely available (Formosa is usually the best option). I'll have some DVDs and other swag to give away before the screening, so get there early! Despite the full house for the charity event, I think we will be starting on time as there's no 2nd feature like usual - the theater should be emptied/tidied up long before midnight. Don't be late for the big giveaway!!!


  1. I read your article on BadAss Digest about Netflix Halloween Favorites, and I just want to say thanks for putting it up. I think you took my comment about 70's horror films with the wrong idea.

  2. the big giveaway!

    haha. reminds me of the silver shamrock commercials in Halloween III. :)


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