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This week at Bloody Disgusting we have been posting our top 20 films of the decade. The way we figured it out is each writer (13 in all) submitted their own top 20 of the decade, and then the movies were tallied. For each list, the top movie gets 20 points, the 2nd movie gets 19 points, all the way down to the 20th movie on each list getting 1 point. Then, the movie points were added together and the movie with the most points (Let The Right One In) got the #1 slot. 2nd most points - #2 slot, and going down. And then of course everyone bitched at certain movies being left off the list or being on there at all. So I thought I'd post my own personal top 20, so maybe the final vote would make a little more sense to the BD readers (if they happen to be reading this). Note how many of my picks (even high up ones) did not make the final list. This is due to that film or films not being voted highly or at all on enough of the other writers' lists. In short - there was no bias or anything, it was all based entirely on math and a consensus of EVERYONE'S own personal vote. Enjoy! Flame away!

NOTE - Personally, I don't really like ranking films over a long period of time, because nostalgia and other factors sometime overshadow my actual feeling of the film at the time. For example, I loved Devil's Rejects when I saw it, but my souring on Rob himself for Halloween has left me feeling less warm and fuzzy about it over time. Without Halloween, Rejects might have been higher. Likewise, High Tension was a film I borderline DISLIKED when I saw it, but over time I've gone to appreciate it more. In short, it's REALLY HARD to rank an entire decade like this, so this list might completely change in a year, and again in five years. But I stand by, at least, as REALLY LIKING all of these movies, so let's leave it at that, lol.
NOTE 2 - Because I find it so hard to rank things, the last few slots were pretty much just coin tosses with other movies I liked just as much, including Repo, Dog Soldiers, Saw III, Wrong Turn 2, The Orphanage, Midnight Meat Train, Feast, and Orphan. But as they would have all been worth only 1-3 points for the overall list, it wouldn't have mattered anyway (i.e. The Ring would still have been on the list, and Repo would not)

1 The Descent(20 points)
2 Inside (19 points)
3 The Mist
4 Let The Right One In
5 Trick r Treat
6 Hatchet
7 Hostel
8 Shaun Of The Dead
9 Session 9
10 The Devil's Backbone (11 points)
11 Paranormal Activity (10 points)
12 Dawn of the Dead
13 Pan's Labyrinth
14 Saw
15 The Devil's Rejects
16 Drag Me To Hell
17 The Ring
18 High Tension
19 Pitch Black (2 points)
20 Cloverfield (1 point)

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  1. I've never understood why people get so worked up over these lists either. It's all subjective.

    That's a good list though, for what it's worth. There's a few I still haven't seen yet.

  2. Great list, even though I majorly disagree with a couple of them. I wish studios would also rank Hatchet above Hostel... I don't hate all torture movies, but I would definitely rather have more throwback slashers instead.

  3. Ya, and some of the films below Hostel I actually like more, BUT I was also factoring in importance to the genre as a whole, so a 50+ million grossing hard R horror movie opened a lot of doors (good or bad) AND it was a good film, though not as good as say, Session 9 which is great but really didn't make an impact on the genre as a whole in the same way Hostel did. I'd say pretty much after Hatchet my list is accurate in the sense of that they are all great and significant genre films, but if i were to rank them solely based on "how much i'd like to watch it again", the order would completely change.

  4. Session 9, hell yes. I do enjoy a good, creepy, shivery movie and that one fits the bill.

    Good list. I'd have put The Signal somewhere on it, but I seem to recall you didn't enjoy that movie too terribly much.

  5. Good list if you ask me. I personally did not like Hatchet as much as you, but I loved the ever loving shit out of The Signal, so other than a few changes, this list is really solid.

    I didn't like Session 9 much either, but I also dislike David Caruso's face for some unknown reason, so I guess that's why.

    Descent would likely be my number one as well.

  6. im saddened to see that big bad wolf didn't make the cut.

  7. Wow - Ginger Snaps would've been my #1, and it didn't even make the list :-(

  8. I'm so glad to see Pitch Black on your list! I really love that movie, but it seems to strangely not get much love.


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