HMAD Screening: The Faculty

UPDATE: Schedule permitting, original screenwriters David Wechter and Bruce Kimmel will be joining us for a pre-movie Q&A!

As I recently discovered, Robert Rodriguez's The Faculty holds up quite well (save for a Roland Emmerich joke), so I am happy to bring it back to theaters as the next Horror Movie A Day screening at the New Beverly next Saturday, September 15th!

One of the most enjoyable screenings I've done so far (and certainly the most crowded) was Rodriguez's previous film, From Dusk Till Dawn, so it should be a lot of fun. I wish he'd focus more on horror again instead of kids' movies and Machete sequels, because all three of his genre efforts are a blast to watch, especially with a big crowd. The energy he brings to his shooting style and go-for-broke performances he gets from his actors (even Josh Hartnett is more fun than usual here) seems to infect the crowd as well, so I suspect this will be a damn good time.

It's also well-timed, as I know a lot of LA folk will be heading to Austin for Fantastic Fest just a few days later. Not only was Faculty shot in Austin, but it also stars Elijah Wood, a FF staple who hangs out and enjoys the movies just like the rest of us non-world saving schmoes (Wood has saved us from comets, alien teachers, and, uh, whatever Sauron is). And Harry Knowles - who was one of the earliest/biggest supporters of the Alamo and its festivals - pops up as the school's film teacher. Appetites shall be whetted!

The screening is at 11:59 pm on Saturday, September 15th. The New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles (90036), 2 blocks west of La Brea. Street parking is widely available (Formosa is your best bet), and tickets are 8 bucks CASH ONLY at the door (there's an ATM at the Valero gas station at La Brea/Beverly). You can also buy an advance ticket from Brownpapertickets soon - I'll update when that option is available. And as always, feel free to steal the poster below and pimp the screening on your site/blog/Twitter/Facebook/local post office. Let's pack that place! I want a deafening cheer when Jon Stewart gives his climactic thumbs up!


  1. Hey, bud, great screening tonight! I brought some friends - we had a blast. Screamed way too loudly, especially during the classic "Thing"-like scat sniff test scene... Personally, I felt this one was an excellent choice... Agreed on Rodriguez's direction and on how much of a crowdpleaser he can churn out. Jon Stewart, thumbs up, so beautiful.

    You're delightful!
    Ross from CAMPBLOOD.ORG

  2. Great screening. Had a a good time but there were 3 fools sitting together in front of me who were all kinds of of them miming with his hand certain actions the characters did in the movie and singing and rocking and hooting and hollering to the film's soundtrack...air drums included. Every single time Jon Stewart was shown on screen they would scream and giggle and seemed to be chanting "Jon Stewart!". Interactive audiences can be fun...but god damn! Thought more than a couple of times about changing my seat.
    All fun nonetheless. Movie really holds up well. Under rated in my opinion.

    1. Yeah there were definitely some obnoxious sorts last night. Someone else had one of those e-cigarettes that are really distracting as you just see a puff of smoke go up every few minutes - you don't expect to see smoke in a movie theater, causes temporary alarm (or just confuses you).

      Glad you still had fun, sorry that some goons killed some of it for you.

      At least you had plenty of options if you DID decide to change your seat! :(

  3. I've loved this movie since it came out. I think I need to watch it again. I love the action, the acting and the car. People are so cool and the film manages to work with the generic stereotypes of high school. Great flick.


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