Fango Con - Day #1!

Friday is traditionally a slower day, since lots of folks are at work still and many of the big guests are on the higher profile weekend days. Still, there were a few highlights worth noting:

- Tony Todd revealed that he will NOT be in Final Destination 4 (at least, not yet anyway), but will be back in Hatchet 2.
- Anchor Bay has another cool package in store for the complete season of Masters of Horror (season 2) - last time was a crypt, this time it's a skull. Looks cool, but tiny (how are they all going to fit?)
- The LA Convention Center is actually its own country; a world where food is very rare, hence 4 dollars for a 16 oz fountain soda, 5 dollars for a fruit salad consisting of less than 20 chunks of melon/cantaloupe/watermelon, and a whopping 8 dollars for a tuna fish (?) sandwich equivalent to the 6 inch ones at Subway.
- Malevolence 2 is finally coming. It's actually a prequel to the above-average independent slasher by Stevan Mena, with a bigger cast (Michael Biehn!) and bigger scope. It looks pretty f-ing great, if you ask me. Looking forward to this one...
- Another one that caught my eye: XII. It's directed by a guy named Michael A. Nickles (Jim Morrison in Waynes World 2!) and stars Hatchet's Mercedes Mcnab. It looks kickass! Someone send me a copy of this!!!
- Penny Drake, from Zombie Strippers and The Cook, is not only super hot, but incredibly tall. More tall women!
- There's a movie called Twilight coming out, based on some vampire books for teenaged girls, and I am somehow "stupid" for never hearing of them. To me it looks like Blood and Chocolate only with vampires, but what do I know?
- Robert Galuzzo's Psycho documentary is actually highly focused on the sequels! Too many of these franchise history things (either book or film) focus primarily on the original and then sort of short change the sequels, but this looks to reverse the trend, with II-IV getting as much, if not more than, respect as the original. In addition to key cast and crew from all the films, the doc features memories and praise from other horror filmmakers such as Joe Lynch, Stuart Gordon, and Adam Green.
- Troughs still exist. Why have urinals when you can awkwardly pee next to another man without any sort of barrier between you?
- Parking IS relatively cheap - 12 bucks and you can use a credit card. Not too bad at all, considering for E3 it was all 20/cash only.

All in all, off to a good start, and on a personal note, I am now 2 issues closer to achieving my goal of owning every issue of Fangoria ever published. 12 to go!


  1. Anybody dare to ask why Fango is currently the worlds most expensive magazine? At $9.00 a pop. Considering every other page is a full page ad for an upcoming release? Just sayin'

  2. Rue Morgue is 10x better!

  3. XII the movie was by far the sickest presentation of any film this year @ Fangoria. It Stars Emily Hardy an attractive new comer and Mercedes Mcnab. You can check out the website @

    It reminds me of a classic horror.

  4. Twilight will be bigger than God.


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