Being busy is nice, but not when it keeps me from giving you guys a proper heads up about the next HMAD screening! I like to have these announcements up at least two weeks before the date, but alas I've just been swamped this month.

But on the other hand, now you have less time to wait until I host a 35mm screening of John Carpenter's Christine (based on the Stephen King novel) at the New Beverly! It's THIS Saturday, April 28th! Personally I think this is one of his most underrated films (2nd only to In The Mouth Of Madness, which I've already hosted!), and always enjoy seeing it on the big screen. Not only does it assemble a terrific cast of great character actors like Harry Dean Stanton and Robert Prosky, but few actresses in horror are as lovely as Alexandra Paul in this film, so believe me - you want to see that face (and her awesome period sweaters) in glorious 35mm.

And if you're a charitable sort, there's even more incentive to go. The wonderful Julia Marchese, who you'd know instantly if you've ever been to the Bev, is looking to create a documentary about the theater and how they are fighting the good fight to keep 35mm alive, and would like to give the subject the respect it deserves with a professional (meaning paid) crew. So there's a Kickstarter set up for folks to pledge toward seeing it done right, and I encourage you all to donate - every dollar helps. But even if you don't want to directly donate, you can help just by coming to the screening, as I will be pledging one dollar for each and every butt in a seat when the show begins. So for many reasons (or two), I want that place packed!

As always, it goes down at 11:59 pm on Saturday night. The New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd, 2 blocks west of La Brea, in Los Angeles (90036), and street parking is widely available. Tickets are 8 bucks cash at the door or online via BrownPaperTickets. I'll be on hand to do a quick intro and give out some DVDs, and hopefully a Q&A (not that he'd come to a late screening anyway, but Carpenter will be in Kentucky - however I am working on securing an actor, so cross your fingers!). And every ticket bought is a sign that you not only support me and my silly endeavors (not really important), but also the continued existence of superior 35mm presentations (very important) at independent theaters where the staff actually gives a shit (EXTREMELY important), unlike the chains. So come on down, enjoy a great killer car flick, and see movies the way they are meant to be seen!

As always, feel free to tweet/blog/facebook/etc this post and/or the poster below!

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  1. Lovely? Haha. The first time I saw it I couldn't figure out why they let Buddy Repperton back in school and why all the guys were suddenly in love with him.


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