Repo Fans: New Comic From Terrance Zdunich!

Repo fans, comic fans... fans of all things awesome, attention! Repo co-creator/co-star Terrance Zdunich has been hard at work putting together a new graphic novel series titled THE MOLTING, and the first issue is now available HERE. The story concerns a dysfunctional family in the early 90s, set against a dying urban landscape in Anaheim, CA (the so-called "Happiest Place On Earth"). The story "traverses human history from Upper Paleolithic hunting parties to Southern Gothic grotesqueries in order to explore the family's roots, secrets, and unconventional family bonds". The first issue is titled "Guilty Susie", and the plot synopsis involves "a cache of cockroaches", "irreparable devastation", and a wildfire that "razes everything, even Susie's own sanity, to blackened cinder". In other words, men in tights this ain't. I'll be checking this one out - you should too! Visit the site to learn more and buy a copy if you like (you can get autographed versions too).

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