Note on Recommendations

So I guess only 200 comments will show up on a post. As the recommendation thread is hovering at that mark, I have begun deleting recommendations for films that I have seen/reviewed. But I have also re-edited the review to include your (linked) name, i.e. "This was recommended by HMAD reader so-and-so" (I wish I had a reader named so-and-so, by the way), so it evens out. So keep the recommendations coming, just don't fret if they don't show up for a few days if the 200 mark has been passed.

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  1. Could not find a review for "Outpost" and it has only 1 day left on Fear.Net. One of only a tiny handful of movies I've been able to sit trough on that station, not bad.

    Now to go see what you had to say about Pathology, which I loved.


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