Horror Movie A Day's Halloween List!

Rather than do a typical "Best movies for Halloween!" or whatever list, I thought I'd cobble together a list of some of the more obscure movies I've watched for HMAD and highlight a few I think you should check out. So head on over to Bloody Disgusting for the list, and have a happy happy Halloween! Sil-ver Sham-rock!


  1. kudos for including satan's little helper. it doesn't ever get the credit it deserves. shine on you crazy diamond!

  2. holy crap! i havent heard of MOST of those movies...and they all look great! i will check ALL of them out..thanks man!

  3. i know its not on dvd yet but Poughkepsie Tapes would be a pretty good one.

  4. the soundtrack to Halloween 3 is so kewl. It reminds me of Terminator 1 soundtrack, but not...

    John Carpenters music rocks.

  5. This seems like as good a place as any to speak to you directly, BC.

    Did you see the AVClubs Halloween DVD List?


    It's pretty entertaining, as I really like their film writers over there.

    I also gave your site a plug in the comments.

    Quote: ... "
    If you have an interest in horror, I recommend a blogger I stumbled across that's doing a horror movie a day. He doesn't always post the review every day, often just putting up the title and a "review tk" - and lately he's been branching out into more mainstream fair - but he has kept it up for a long while. He covers a wide variety of horror movies, so chances are if you've marveled over the box at Blockbuster this guy has seen it:


    And he's a funny and likable writer."


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