Hatchet II Contest!

I haven't done a contest for a while, but when it's for a good cause, I'll get off my butt and put something together. As you should all know by now, Adam Green's Hatchet II will be in theaters this weekend, UNRATED AND UNCUT (!!!), and I want each and every one of you (in North America anyway) to go see it. Why? Well, many reasons: 1. You're supporting indie horror, which should always be a priority. 2. You're getting the first major chain release of an unrated horror film in over 25 years, so that's something right there. A strong showing for Hatchet II this weekend will help future films (perhaps even YOURS) get its own unrated release, preventing you from having to deal with the hateful censors at the MPAA. And 3. You can WIN STUFF!!! Keep reading to find out how!

As I've mentioned on Twitter and the like, I actually had a small (microscopic, really) hand in the film's final form - I did the end credits that scroll up and away as you check your cell phone and exit the theater. It's next to nothing, yes, but I'm proud of it all the same....

...even though I goofed and made a typo, one that was caught too late to fix. And that's where you come in!

All you have to do is buy a ticket to Hatchet II this weekend (HAS TO BE THIS WEEKEND! That's October 1st-3rd), and find my typo in the end credits. To make it easier, I will let you know that it's thankfully NOT someone's name, it's actually a very common word that's missing a key vowel. I will draw a name at random of all the correct answers (shit, I hope there's only one answer! LOL), and that person will win a little prize package I am putting together (DVDs and posters).

To enter, just send an email to HMADContests (at gmail) with your name, the theater you saw the film at, and the misspelled word. I will pick a winner on Monday, October 4th.

Once again, this contest is only eligible THIS WEEKEND (October 1st-3rd). Due to the low number of screens the film is playing on, it's SO IMPORTANT to have a big "per screen average" for the opening weekend. The film can never crack the top 10 even if it sold out every show, but the decision makers look at the averages to gauge demand and decide to open it wider and also allow the next horror film to have an unrated release.

You guys claim you're sick of PG-13 or watered down R rated films; you guys claim you're sick of remakes - let your voice be heard! Go see Hatchet II this weekend and prove that this is the type of stuff you want to see! AND make fun of my sloppiness in the process! You will also make the hundreds of people who worked on the film happy - it was a labor of love from Adam and the producers all the way down to the least important guy on the crew (me), and they'll be happy to know some folks were reading their names and knowing what they did to pull off this crazy, fun, and VERY gory film.


  1. I love the way you are challenging people to see it! It is true, people always complain about watered down horror films, well here is their chance to see something bringing back the old days! Let's hope they go see it, I sure will.

  2. I may not have been in love with the first one, but I like having excuses to go see horror movies. It's annoying that it's not playing in Austin. Guess I'll have to catch it later.

  3. Hmmm. Imagine that, not playing anywhere near Boise, ID. If it were, I'd be there in a heartbeat!

  4. i wish i could see hatchet 2 unfortunately I live in Colorado and its not playing here :-(

  5. Are people under 17 obligated to see it? Because in their infinite wisdom AMC has decided that such individuals would be corrupted by Hatchet 2, and unless they have adult supervision they should stay at home with internet porn. And of course those innocent teenagers would never think to download the movie to avoid getting kicked out of a theater...

  6. Hey BC I went and saw the movie tonight b4 work and both my friend and I looked for the woops and couldnt find it :( oh well the movie was F*cking Fantastic!!! The tie ins to Frozen..Leslie Vernon...Jason etc was great...Adam did an amazing job.

  7. i saw no typo. and no type- o- negative. so it was lose lose if you ask me.

    but i took this pic of your name:


    also i enjoyed the movie

  8. Alas, no showings near Raleigh....but Chain Letter is in Durham

  9. Hey BC I went and saw the movie this past weekend but couldn't find the woops you made. I am also extremely peeved to see that Adam's movie was pulled from movie theaters. I read online that AMC was annoyed because they had to have someone at the door checking ID's. Hell I saw that at Resident Evil 3D and the Saw movies. This is total bullshit and I am frankly annoyed. The movie was campy and gory and just a lot of fun. My friend and I laughed through the majority of the film. It was seriously one of the best horror comedies I have witnessed. Adam and the entire Ariescope team got hosed and it just sux! N E Way if you talk to Adam tell him all the fans loved it and we all look forward to his next project of awesomeness!
    P.S. BC can you email me. you don't have to post this comment which is fine, but I was going to ask you a question about a project I am working on with my Werewolf Comedy novel I finished. Not looking for a handout just maybe some advice since you write for a living and I respect your work. I would appreciate it.
    Feleron@aol.com or KHanson21@gmail.com

  10. Just finished Hatchet 2 for the first time. I never thought I'd say this about a movie, but the sequel was every bit as, if not better, than the original.

    I was really impressed with the back story and the way it ties into the first one. I don't know if they had this story planned from the get go, or if they are like the Breaking Bad writers and just amazingly talented at elaborating on previous stories (episodes), but they pulled it off very well.

    Also, I have to comment on the piss jug at the beginning. The way Jack Cracker says people think he's nuts, followed by handing Mary Beth a piss jug full of water stating something like, "Drink this, it's nice and warm," had me laughing so hard I woke my fiance up from a dead sleep!


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