Donate For a Future Horror Movie!

Hey all, not sure how familiar you are with Kickstarter, but basically it's a place for folks to sort of put their money where their mouth is and donate towards projects in various stages of development, including films. And one I'd very much like to see succeed is THIS ONE, which is seeking to raise the post production costs for a film titled Among Friends, starring and directed by Danielle Harris (her directorial debut!) and co-starring my good pal AJ Bowen. The movie is being made either way, this money goes for professional post work. One thing about Kickstarter - if they fall short of their goal, you don't pay, so if you believe in the project, and have the funds to donate, you can be assured that your donation WILL make a difference, and if not enough money is raised, you haven't actually "wasted" a cent. So, win-win, really (especially in this case as the movie is, again, actually being made - shooting begins this week if I am not mistaken).

So if you can, help pitch in. High enough donations will net you some nice "thank you" gifts, such as a DVD of the film, autographed photos, even a phone call from Ms. Harris herself. AND, as a special bonus just for HMAD fans, when you donate ANY amount, add the hashtag #HMAD to your comment to automatically enter you into a contest - I will be picking a name at random from all the #HMAD donors and sending them a cool prize pack of my own, and no it's not just some crappy used DVDs.

Thanks in advance, and good luck with the bonus contest!

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  1. Such a great system for funding films. We've only recently got a similar one in Australia, it really opens things up for more horror and genre movies.


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