Overlooked By Oscars

Horror Movie A Day (or, I) has (have) teamed up with several other great genre film sites such as Cinefantastique and Blood-Spattered Scribe to offer up a sort of "Alternative" Oscar nominee list. This isn't a "These movies rock and should win awards", but instead movies/people that legitimately COULD and thus SHOULD have received nominations along with all the other usual suspects (it seems Laura Linney just needs to appear in a film and she'll get a nomination?). In other words, The Mist and Zodiac were robbed (tho Cinemafantastique seems to think Mist is overrated). Anyway, head on over HERE to check out theirs, my, and the other lists (mine is under "The Horrors!"), and add your own suggestions if you wish. I believe a few other sites will be adding to it as well, so keep checking back!

Note - Just a heads up, while the articles themselves look fine, the Cinefantastique homepage seems to be loading incorrectly in Firefox. Score one for IE (for once)!

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  1. Sorry about the problem that Cinefantastique Online has loading into Firefox. I don't know what the problem is. I'm looking at doing an overhaul of the website, but in the meantime I haven't been able to find a temporary fix.


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