Repo Winners Chosen!

I know I was a bit late, but that is due to the fact that I had a lot more entries than expected, and quality entries to boot! Everyone who entered (and followed the rules) did a great job, and I sincerely wish I could give everyone something. I also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who entered for selflessly promoting the film, which is above and beyond what can usually be expected of fans.

And in the end, I had so much trouble choosing between two finalists that I said "fuck it" and arranged to have another CD signed so both of them could win! So everyone give a virtual round of applause to "CodyStacey" and "Annaliab"! Both of them went all out with their entries, and also seemingly got the most "awareness" spread to others (based on number of myspace friends/reader responses). Anna even did a recreation of one of the Repo songs!

So CONGRATS to them and again, a big THANKS to all who entered! And just because the contest is over doesn't mean you have to stop spreading the Repo love... tell your friends about it, sign up for the official message board... all that good stuff. Who knows, maybe we'll have another contest closer to release!


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