My Name Is Jonah: New Trailer!

Hey folks, just giving a heads up for you to check the new trailer (and website!) for My Name Is Jonah, an "action adventure documentary" put together by some of my good friends. The movie is coming next year, in the meantime you can be their pal on Facebook and all that good stuff. Enjoy!

My Name Is Jonah: Trailer 1 from Jonah Washnis on Vimeo.


  1. Jonah, Hey man its "Security Nate" here; you definatly have got some stuff goin on. I think its outstanding that you do get an idea and roll with it. Obvious to me is that your doin what your doin only because the right person hasn't seen you yet, Keep on your dreams man, I think that's how a dream falls on you.
    Real good stuff Man
    A FAN Nate

  2. Thanks,Nathan! Appreciate the Props, Bro'!!!


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