Hatchet Contest!!!

UPDATE: Contest extended an extra week!!!

Man oh man do I have a sweet contest for you guys. I want to win the damn thing myself.

How would you like to get a free copy of the ENTIRE first season of Masters Of Horror, plus a Hatchet poster and T-Shirt, courtesy of Starz/Anchor Bay (the horror DVD gods who are distributing Hatchet in theaters)???

All you have to do is go see Hatchet and bring some friends!

It's that easy. Just go see Hatchet sometime this week with as many friends, family, strangers, homeless folks, ticket-buying mannequins, and whoever else you can find. Send me a picture of you with all the people you round up to go INSIDE the theater (or, if you're the designated ticket buyer, a copy of the Fandango/Movietickets.com or whatever receipt that shows you bought x amount of tickets). Whoever has the most number of folks with them wins! You get the MoH season 1, a T-Shirt, and a Poster, simply for going to see a kickass fucking movie and supporting independent horror films.

But do not despair! We have runner up prizes as well! Whoever has the SECOND most number of folks with them will get a Hatchet T-Shirt. And whoever has the THIRD most number of folks with them will get a Hatchet Poster! Pretty goddamn sweet, huh?

As of 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, September 16th, the contest is closed. I will then hold for another 24 hours for folks that might need to send the pictures in from their office on Monday. In addition to rewarding you for both seeing the movie and reading my nonsense, this contest is here to help Hatchet secure more theaters in the future so that more people can see it. More tickets sold = more theaters willing to show the film to get in on the Victor Crowley action. Everyone wins!!!

UPDATE: ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, Adam Green posted this via Myspace:

After the amazing response that HATCHET got in theaters last weekend and how glowing the exit polls were- EVERY THEATER that took it last week has asked to hold it over for week 2. Normally with indie films- you just can't do well in some markets due to lack of advertising and you're forced out after 1 weekend. But the major theaters were so happy and delighted by the horror fans turn-out and reactions- that the movie is STAYING PUT. If we can rally another good week/weekend at the box office...even more cities could get the film. If you missed it- here's another chance to see it with an audience the way it was meant to be seen. And if you had a blast the first time- the second time is even better! Don't give up- keep the support going strong and let's get this movie moving on to the cities that haven't gotten their chance yet. Another good weekend means more chances for everyone to see Victor Crowley on the big screen!

HATCHET still not playing near you? Contact your local theater and ask them for it!

As a result, this means the contest will be held another week. So it's not too late to win these great prizes! And now that we have more time I will see about maybe adding a prize or two. Monday-Thursday entries will be accepted, but as before, the weekend dollars are the most important, since those are where the bean counters are focusing their attention.

Also, I understand that in Chicago and Phoenix, the theaters were pretty close to empty for most of the weekend. SO, to try to drum up support there, I will personally award FIVE BRAND NEW DVDS (my choices - not necessarily horror) if the grand prize winner happens to be from either of those cities.

In addition, EVERY Chicago or Phoenix resident who sends in proof of five or more tickets sold (same rules as above) in one of those cities will get ONE BRAND NEW DVD (again, my choice, not necessarily horror), regardless of how they place in the contest.

I wanna see lots of entries, folks! The grand prize winner could theoretically receive over 200 dollars worth of prizes simply for getting some friends to see a movie!


  1. I feel ripped... seeing as I live in Ireland, I cant take my friends to see this.

    I feel I should be rewarded for wanting to do it though...

  2. Damn. What a great prize. Sadly I only know two people that like horror where I live right now.

    Does it count if I go to see it and take a picture of myself then photoshop a bunch of clones of me into the image? :P

  3. if the clones are all ticket buyers, sure! :)


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