If you haven't read the poll to the right (for shame!), then I should inform you that during October, I planned to do something different, since lots of folks watch a horror movie a day during October in order to celebrate Columbus Day. Or Halloween. Maybe both.

With "Watch two movies" being a clear favored choice, I have decided to watch my usual "new" movie a day, as well as an "old" one. This could be anything, but for the most part I will stick to a. movies that people have recommended that I have already seen, and b. movies I mention a lot but haven't actually reviewed.

And I know what you're thinking... yes. This means, just for you, I will submit myself to another viewing of that pinnacle of bullshit, DARK RIDE. Lord help us all.

I assume I can amass 31 movies based on those two factors, but just in case, if there's anything you think is truly deserving of the HMAD 'treatment' that you know (or assume) I have already seen, leave the titles in the comments here.

31 Days Til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! 31 Days Til Halloween, Silver Shamrock!


  1. Carpenter's "Prince of Darkness."
    And a Japanese film, "The Eye." Oh, and "Fright Night." And what about "The Howling?"

    Would love to get your two-cents on any/all of those, BC.


  2. Did Fright Night back in May... http://horror-movie-a-day.blogspot.com/2007/05/fright-night.html

    Prince of Darkness is a good one! Love that movie. The Eye I havent seen at all so that's a good recommendation.

    And Howling, wow. It's been 20 years since I've seen it!!! I really gotta fix that. :)

  3. The Eye is good, but it's a Hong Kong film, not a Japanese one. Yet another great Asian film with a subpar American remake in the works...

    Also check out Kairo (Pulse), and Acacia. Both are really great and both genuinely scared me at points, which is nearly impossible.

    http://www.mandiapple.com/snowblood/index2.htm is a good resource for Asian cinema reviews. Maybe you'll see another horror film on there that strikes your fancy.

  4. The Descent - I didn't find it under survival so I'm assuming you haven't reviewed it.

  5. I'd like to recommend that you NEVER EVER watch The Evading.

  6. Sounds like a dare to me... :)

  7. Well obviously that's what I was HOPING you'd say.. You have fallen into my evil trap, where-by I relieve my own pain by fooling others into watching it too *cackles maniacally*

  8. Have you reviewed Evil Aliens yet? i suppose i should have checked before i asked, eh? ;)

    - risa -


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