MOTHER'S DAY: Behind The Scenes Photos!

Earlier this week, Darren Bousman promised to release behind the scenes photos from his currently filming update of Mother's Day, but only if he reached 4K followers on Twitter. Well folks, he has hit that mark, and you can now see the photos on... wait, what? Horror Movie A Day??? Keep reading for an explanation!

Like a few other folks, I helped Bousman reach his goal by plugging his "pledge" to my own followers, so I guess this is his way of saying thanks. It's also his way of shutting me up, because I've been bugging him to show me some of his female cast in action (seriously: Jaime King, AJ Cook, Alexa Vega, Briana Evigan... damn fine looking cast).

So enjoy these behind the scenes photos; one is Bousman directing Ms. Vega and Ms. Cook (from left to right), the other is a closeup of their feet for some reason.

(Click to enlarge!)

Bousman has also promised to release additional photos for every additional one thousand followers, so if you're on the Twitter, keep up with him and the Mother's Day shoot HERE.

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