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(originally published on August 15, 2007)

Hi Dr. Nick!

I just noticed blogger has put Horror Movie A Day on the main page as a 'blog of note', which is why we've had record hits today (I thought it was a glitch on the counter). So I'd like to say hello to all the new visitors and encourage you to keep stopping by - the whole reason for doing this was to engage in conversation (albeit in clunky comment form) about the movies, so the more you comment, the more sense the site makes! Everybody wins!

Plus, just like I ask for recommendations (and thanks to everyone who has offered some so far), you may find a movie you otherwise never would have heard about that will become your new favorite. Or not. Probably not. If A Brush With Death is your new favorite movie I will be forced to come to your house and administer 12 straight hours of Shocker. No one wants that.


  1. Uh oh, I rather liked Shocker, especially since that was the first time I heard that great Dramarama song, "Anything, Anything". Maybe I'll have to check out A Brush With Death.

  2. Man, I blogged a new sonnet every day for 365 days straight and NEVER got "noted."

    Life is so unfair. *sniff*

  3. Great idea for a blog. Being a big monster movie fan/writer, myself I really enjoy reading other peoples takes on the genre. Keep up the good work!

    Ken Hulsey
    Monster Island News

  4. I've got a horror flick recommendation for you.. 'Happy Birthday to Me', I haven't seen it in about 20 years but it was one of the scariest horror flicks i saw as a kid and i think it would still be worth a watch.

  5. Awesome. I seen that budget movie dvd at the video store and thought of buying it, but bought Scarface instead. I'm a fan of Arch Oboler and his work on radio. So, it's nice to that you made it to the blog of notes.

  6. Oh Happy Birthday is a good one, I haven't seen it since i was 17. I remember because I realized the motive was copied in Scream. Good flick.

  7. Hi I'm back!

    When I was a kid, my dad and I used to watch weekend horror films together in the dark! It really scared the hell out of me but thinking back, those were pretty fond memories.

    I remember two movies that were particularly unforgettable. Forgot the titles though...and I'm thinking since you are horror maestro, you could give me some clue.

    Movie 1: A few young people venture into the jungle, end up in some dilapidated house, finds a radio in the basement and spooky things start happening. There is a scene of a guy writing and he's being controlled by some unseen force and a girl running out into the forest and being "killed??" by the trees. I think only one of them managed to survive the night.

    Movie 2: A family moves into a house and there's this malevolent spirit living in a lamp. Lots of green goo in the basement..eh and the last scene, I think the spirit escaped into the body of a black cat.

  8. Well the first one is definitely Evil Dead 1.

    The 2nd might be Amityville: The Evil Escapes. I don't recall the black cat part but thats the only haunted lamp movie I know (thank god)

  9. If you can find a copy of it...BLOOD BEACH would be a good one to review! All I really remember about it was the poster, I think a woman's arms sticking straight up out of the sand. (Oddly like the original Evil Dead...not sure which came first.)

  10. Its a unique theme... as this is the very first time ive witnessed a blog under this title...

  11. I just discovered this blog...where the hell have I been?

    Anyways, I am a horror movie fan, so I might have some recommendations, I haven't read the archives so I don't know if you already got them but I'm gonna try anyway.

    *Blood Feast

    *2000 maniacs

    *Scrapbook (soo bad it's good?)

    *I'll bury you tomorrow (still haven't decided if it's bad or good)

    *Dead talk back

  12. I have seen 2000 maniacs (that was one of those february movies that I watched but haven't reviewed yet - I gotta get on that) but the others I have not. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  13. Hey BC,

    thanks for the answers! Think I would need to muster up some courage before renting the DVDS.

    Have you seen the Thai horror flick "Shutter"? The audience reception was fantastic when it was released in Asia.

  14. Not yet... I believe its queued. I gotta shuffle up my queue a bit, I got like 5 Argento movies in a row.

  15. I really admire your creativity. Your blog made me smile. I LOVE horror movies and got a kick out of your site. Please keep on blogging!

  16. OK, I will!

    Also note to all new visitors - I don't update on the weekends that often. Rest assured I am watching!

  17. Great site! I also found it through the "blogs of note" mention. Your blog has an interesting theme, and it's well executed.

    Being a fan of horror flicks myself (especially those of the classic variety), I'll definitely be back for a visit once a week or so.

    By the way, if you run across any horror movies with a lot of alcohol-related content, let me know. I write a Booze Movies blog, and I'd appreciate any suggestions. I've already covered TALES OF TERROR (1962), THE COMEDY OF TERRORS (1964), and SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004), but I'm sure there are several other horror titles that deserve to be added to the Booze Movies archive.


  18. Hey, great timing, just found your blog as I finished watching "saw II"... I know I'm a bit behind though.
    I've heard of another great horror movie called "(the?)audition", I think it's Japanese. Did anyone heard about it?

  19. Congrats on being a Blog of Note, and now I'm glad I found you. I love the old Dark Shadows series and I was wondering if you've ever seen or written anything about that. Classic vampire soap opera in the 70's! It's not hardcore horror, but still a favorite in this genre with a legion of fans.

  20. I never have... even odder when you consider I share a last name with Barnabas. I'll look into it someday...

  21. Clever blog BC. I have spent way too much money and time on bad horror rentals. Finally I have a resource to help with my selections at my local Blockbuster; the employees are no help with the horror genre. Thanks!

  22. One of my favorite horror flicks is a French dubbed flick titled "High Tension". You forget the film is even dubbed in English because you are so caught up in the suspense. The story line goes something like this: 2 college age girls come home for a weekend visit to one of the girl's parent's house,only to terrorized by some crazy guy in an old work truck/van. The story has a vague air of "Fight Club" about it. I thought it was one of the more original horror movies;anyone else ever see it? Thoughts?

  23. Congrats, you became global :D
    I just saw it on my blogger dashboard and I was atracted with the title, I love movies too specifically ghost horror movies.

    Thanks for the effort, keep it up. Bashar from Kuwait


    Glad you like the site!


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