The West Memphis 3

If I may stop swearing and ranting about LionsGate scarecrows for a few seconds, I urge you to head over to (there's also a handy link to the right, above the poll) and learn about one of the most frustratingly sad stories of the past few decades, that of three innocent kids (now men) who were sent to life in jail (one sentenced to death) for a crime they didn't commit.

If you ARE familiar with the case, you probably know that new evidence has come along that may finally free them, but they need some coin to help pay their legal fees for such matters. If you AREN'T, Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky have made two documentaries about the case (two films far more haunting than anything you'll see me reviewing here), and there have been a few books about them as well (including a memoir written by Damien Echols, the one who has been sentenced to death for being the alleged ringleader) that can bring you up to speed. The site has plenty of info as well, obviously (I think the transcript of the entire trial is up there somewhere!), not to mention a helpful list of things you can do to help besides donate (including handy HTML codes for banners).

It should be noted that the primary evidence against them was their fondness for black clothing, heavy metal, Stephen King, and horror movies. So I'm guessing some of you will sympathize. Anyway, check the site out, and if you can, please donate a few bucks for their legal fees.

Thanks guys.



  1. Glad to see someone mentioning the WM3. I lived in Memphis, Tn when this happened and the movies you see dont give you an idea how bad the people wanted someone to pay for that crime. The more I read into the case you realize those boys were screwed. By the way love your reviews. I am alway curious to hear a different view than my own. I just stumbled onto your site but am now a habitual reader.
    Take care

    1. The only problem is, they weren't from Memphis, Tn. They were from West Memphis, Arkansas.

    2. Oh I know they arent from TN. I was just saying I was NEAR the situation and saw the daily coverage the boys got.

  2. Yeah... I try to shy away from typical blog type stuff and stay on topic, but this is just too important to not give every mention possible. Plus, like I said, part of the reason these guys were convicted was because they liked horror movies/books, so I can't imagine anyone reading this site that wouldn't be interested in this particular case.

  3. I watched the first documentary last year for the first time, and I agree that it's more frightening and haunting than any of the horror movies I glut myself with on a habitual basis. A perfect example of the "Somebody Must Pay--It Doesn't Matter Who" mentality that's all too common in the justice system, especially when the crimes (as in this case) are particularly heinous.

    It's just amazing to me, as to everyone coming to this unbiased from the start, that there has been no appeal, no new trial, no nothing, despite the preponderance of evidence that there WAS NO EVIDENCE. There's a scene in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" (about the witch trials in Salem, for those two or three out there who might not know) where the witch hunters pretty much find out that they've hanged dozens of people on evidence that, as it turns out, was bogus. The authorities decide to go on with the trials and hangings, because if they suddenly stopped, everyone would then realize that they'd fucked it up and punished the innocent. Obviously, sadly, it's a fictional representation of a not-at-all-fictional impulse.

  4. This whole situation really sounds awful. Gonna check out that site right away.

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for mentioning the WM3 on your site. I'm from Arkansas and when these boys were sentenced, it shocked me. I too wore black, listened to heavy metal and read horror books and researched other religions including paganism. I can't believe they have been locked up for 16 years now with such a lack of evidence! They are innocent, and it is so important for people to know about this story. We have to let our voices be heard...or watch all of our rights be slowly whittled away.


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