HMAD Screenings: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2!

UPDATE: Schedule permitting, Caroline Williams ("Stretch") will be in attendance for a pre-show Q&A!

"E...X...I...T! Exit!"

That's just one of many quotable/awesome moments in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and if you're in Los Angeles on July 24th, you can experience them all on the big screen with 200 of your closest friends. Horror Movie A Day and Amoeba Music will be presenting a rare 35mm screening of Tobe Hooper's pitch black hilarious sequel at the New Beverly Cinema, and I must admit I am truly stoked for this one. Hell, I'm giving up free booze and gift bags at Comic Con to race back Saturday night to get to the screening on time! But it's totally worth it to see this underrated flick on the big screen. I'm working on getting a few special guests out for a Q&A, so cross your fingers! But as always, I'll have a few DVDs to give away (and possibly some Comic Con swag!), and it's also a chance for you to see me all without my beard (which I had to shave for a short film I am appearing in), so you don't want to miss it!

As always, tickets are available via BrownPaperTickets, or the night of the show at the door (7 bucks - cash only!). The New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles (90036), just a block west of La Brea. See you there!

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  1. I WILL TRY AND BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was a really good time. I hadn't seen this in a few years and had forgotten how great it really is. And while it is seriously funny for the first half, I had forgotten how grim and insane it gets toward the end. I never include TCM2 on the short list of worthy sequels, but now I will. Thanks for programming this.


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