HMAD Is Headed Overseas!!!

My three favorite ladies (my wife, my mom, and my sister) joined forces to get me the best Christmas gift ever - a plane ticket (and passport fee money) to attend Frightfest UK this August! As die hard horror nerds know, this is sort of the holy grail of horror movie film festivals, 5 days of mostly premiering horror films from around the world, at one of the biggest movie theaters in existence (it seats over 1300). Last year brought the premieres of films like Descent II, Hills Run Red, Night of the Demons, Beware The Moon (along with a special screening of American Werewolf itself, with Landis and co. in attendance), and Human Centipede, and I sat seething with jealous rage as a few friends who got to go tweeted about the films they were seeing.

However the hotel costs and things like food/transportation are up to me, and our money is only worth about half as much over there (so a 5 dollar beer is really like 10 in American). Therefore, my wife has set up the "Brian To Frightfest" blog where folks can pitch in to help offset some of these costs (and, if you're an HMAD reader who doesn't know me personally, you get to read what my wife has to say about the whole thing! Spoiler - she doesn't hate horror movies (yet)!). Oddly, the page has been set up since October, and even though it says "Horror Movie A Day" on it, I never found it until yesterday (Christmas), a few minutes before she was about to show it to me as part of my gift (it came up in my Google alert for HMAD - good timing!). It's not a fundraiser - I'm fucking GOING - but if you guys can pitch in a couple bucks to help offset some of the living costs while I'm there (six days), it would help a lot (and mean even more). And in return, you get like, what, 20 reviews of brand spankin' new horror movies spread out over five days! Everyone wins!

And if any readers are also going (I know I got some fans in the UK!), let me know! We need to grab a pint!

What sayest thou?

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  1. ... Just let me clear my rent´s check and I´ll see about the pitching in stuff.... Ya lucky bastard, you !!! Anyway I hope you had a blast on the holidays!

  2. I'll definitely kick a few bucks to this when I get paid and post a link to the other site from ATH. you are a lucky basterd


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