Six Sites Remember The Class Of 1981

A couple weeks back, I was asked to join in with the titans at ShockTillYouDrop, Fearnet, Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, and Arrow In The Head, writing a mammoth joint article that paid tribute to 30 films (5 per site) from the prolific and rather important year of 1981. The slasher boom, the trio of landmark werewolf films, the independent explosion... we could have easily done TEN films each and still had more to discuss.

I, of course, had trouble picking just five, due to the aforementioned slasher boom. Plus, I didn't want to cover just slashers. So after picking My Bloody Valentine (of course) and also Graduation Day, which I wanted to make amends to since my review is fairly negative (it has since grown on me), I went with some more obscure, kind of hard to classify movies: The Pit, Dead & Buried, and Don't Go Near The Park, all of which I could (and have) describe(d) as "kind of batshit".

I usually don't plug my BadassDigest articles over here, but since I'm credited as "Horror Movie A Day's Brian Collins" I figured I'd alert you all to it rather than copy it here as originally planned, since there are already full reviews for each of those films on this site. Guess that's the burden site whores like myself have to bear (hey, I write for Bloody Disgusting too!). So head on over to Badass to check out my piece, and don't forget to check out the other sites! All of them have links to all the others, so feel free to just go in a chain rather than open them all at once.

Arrow In The Head
Bloody Disgusting
Dread Central


  1. Graduation Day sucks a hearty helping of beefy cock. Neither Chris George nor all the Quiggley tits in the world could save this turd. The final reveal of the least imposing killer is the final nail in the coffin.

    Dude looks like Windows'(from The Thing)runt brother. I mean hell even as generic as the killer from dreck like Splatter University was at least that gave you a hulking psychopath.

  2. Thank you so much for the great reviews of these 5 movies. I have yet to check out dead & buried and now I'm looking forward to it even more.


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