Prince Of Darkness Screening Alert!

If you're in Los Angeles and read this site on a regular basis (why?), then you were probably already planning to see the 25th anniversary screening of Prince of Darkness tomorrow night. Carpenter will be in attendance for Q&A and to receive a Career Achievement award, and there will be exclusive art for sale that celebrates his entire career, with proceeds going toward the Humane Society. Naturally, I'm most excited about the Halloween-related art, including this piece from Carlos Rivas, which I am previewing for you EXCLUSIVELY on Horror Movie A Day!

The real painting is on canvas and thus it didn't scan as well as the others (which you can see here), so we had to take a photo, which really doesn't do it justice - it's a beautiful piece. Check below for more information on the artist and the screening!

Now, a Q&A needs a moderator, and despite the many awesome/qualified folks in town that would love to chat with Dr. Carpenter, Screamfest has (mistakenly?) allowed ME to do it! That's right folks; right after the screening, I will be up on stage, with a microphone and everything, chatting with my hero and creator of my all time favorite movie. If you remember REAAAAAAALLY far back, you might recall I did a Q&A with him for Escape From New York at the Aero, but don't let that fool you - I'll still be nervous as a whore in church and probably rambling more than usual. So I need that place PACKED with fans who have their own questions to ask and thus will help keep my own nonsense to a minimum. Do it for the children!

The event, which closes out this year's Screamfest (which has been pretty damn great so far - only one bad movie and it was a free promotional screening!), starts at 7pm. If you haven't been yet (for shame!), Screamfest is being held this year at the LA Live Regal Cinema in Downtown Los Angeles, at the intersection of Olympic and Georgia near the 110 freeway. Their site, with directions/parking info, can be found here, and the link to buy tickets for the screening (a mere 10 bucks!) are HERE - I recommend buying early as I'm pretty sure this will sell out! And say hi! I'll be the one hyperventilating.

About the artist:

Carlos Rivas, Born and raised in Southern California. A Scenic Painter who has worked on many amusement parks, museums, casinos, department stores, TV shows, commercials and permanent exhibits. Airbrushing came naturally with his 20+ years in working with automotive finishes, multi-colors, graphic designs, kandys and pearls. His passion for art is something that will only keep growing and growing. He is currently working on his website but if you wish to check out some of his latest work, he can be reached at crivas at


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