HMAD Presents: HATCHET Double Feature!

I'm so excited about this. Hatchet is one of my all time favorite movies, and the sequel did not disappoint (even factoring in my bias - I worked briefly on it and did the end titles!). Plus, unlike 99.9% of all sequels, Hatchet II picks up LITERALLY the second the original left off (actually on the same shot!), making it the perfect pair to watch back to back. And what better venue to see this awesome double feature - back to back for the first time! - than the New Beverly Cinema? Added bonus (or disincentive, perhaps): I'll be hosting the screening and moderating the Q&A with Adam Green and tons of cast/crew from the two films! Should be an awesome time, and it's ONE NIGHT ONLY! November 30th is the only chance you'll get to see these movies playing back to back as Green intended. Plus, Hatchet 1 will be showing UNCUT on 35mm for the first time in the US ever! Previous uncut screenings were always off of lesser digital sources, so this will be spectacular! Hatchet II of course was always unrated, which caused some controversy during its theatrical run. I'm sure Green will have lots to say about that - if you've ever been to one of his Q&As, you know he doesn't hold back! All of this, plus giveaways, for 7 bucks! I strongly suggest buying tickets early - this show WILL sell out!

See you there!


  1. I WILL BE THERE!!! Got my tickets 2 weeks ago.....CANNOT WAIT!! I was one of the few I guess to hunt down HATCHET2 and see it and loved it so I cannot wait to see both back to back!!!

  2. BC your photoshop skills are surely improving! Ha ha! Love the poster and the screening sounds awesome but alas I am unable to make the 5456 mile journey from London this time!

  3. So, I guess you wouldn't consider puttin' this show on the road? Salt Lake City is very receptive of uncut horror. Really...they are. I promise.

    Great poster!

  4. Up to me I'd totally take it on the road. Alas, Mr. Green is a workaholic... it's hard enough to get him to do something like this in LA where he lives. And I'm guessing he'd be a bigger draw than me LOL.

  5. Since you are SO verbal about Hatchet I got on Netflix and moved it to the the tippity TOP of my Queue :D and WOW!!! this movie...the gore is AWESOME!!! I mean they ripped that old lady's head wide freaking open!!! IN CAM!! and NO CGI!!!! When does THAT happen???? and Victor Crowley is was such a fun flick and honestly if I had not one day stumbled upon your blog I never would have even known about it soooo thanks!


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