New Short!

Calling all Carpenter nerds: this short by my buddy BenDavid Grabinski is chock full of homages to Carpenter, including a shooting location from They Live! Even if you don't like Carpenter (heathen!), it's simply a great short; it's a lot of fun and features great performances/chemistry by Brandon Routh and Bret Harrison (plus vocal cameos by Michael Rosenbaum and Mary Elizabeth Winstead). And best of all, it's a stylish ORIGINAL short that isn't an obnoxious "gritty" take on some beloved video game or cartoon. Head on over to the OFFICIAL SITE to check it out!

P.S. Make sure you watch the entire credits - one of the best laughs comes at the very end!


  1. To be honest, it's awesome that they made this short, but I do find it funny that everyone touts something so full of homages as something original just because it's not based exactly on Batman or whatever. Although I do miss the time when people made rip offs instead of just rebooting everything. That was more fun.

  2. You guys should check out my short zombie film.
    Maybe you could review it for your very last film!


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