Horror Movie A Day Commentaries!

At long last, I have finally recorded/edited/uploaded a commentary track for you all to enjoy. However, enjoy may not be the right word, as it's for the Prom Night remake (Unrated version!). I do my best not to talk over anyone, so if you can't imagine yourself sitting through it twice, you should be OK to watch it for the first time with my commentary running. Not like the dialogue is worth hearing anyway.

To get started, first download the file HERE and put it on your ipod or whatever you would like to use (it's just an mp3 file - should work on anything). Then cue up the Prom Night Unrated DVD or Blu-Ray*. Hit "play movie", and you'll get the FBI warnings and such. After the "this commentary does not reflect the views of Sony" text screen goes away, begin my commentary track. If you do it right, the movie should be about 1 second further than the mp3 (so if the movie is at 1:00, my track should be at 0:59).

If you notice that I am "responding" to things later than they occur, pause the movie for a second (or however long is necessary). If I am commenting (or snickering) on things that haven't happened yet, pause ME for a second or two. A few times during the movie I repeat dialogue, they should be more or less in sync.

I hope you guys enjoy it - it was actually a lot of work editing it and stuff (I sound like a goddamn throat cancer victim when I breathe, so I had to take all that out lest you think I was dying), but I'm happy to do more if folks like it. And I promise to do GOOD movies too. Though come on, it's more fun to make fun of a movie, right?

All I ask is that if you download the track and listen, can you PLEASE just make a comment so I can get an idea of how many people are into this? You don't even have to write a full message, just an X to "sign" the list, so to speak. Gracias!


*It has to be the DVD, not a downloaded .avi or whatever (I am not sure about instant viewing from Netflix type deals though). AVI files run at a different speed and thus sync will constantly "drift". And I absolutely refuse to make a version that will aid downloaders.


  1. Wow this is a cool idea, Mike from MST would be proud.

  2. Speaking of Mike and MST3K, they're doing user-submitted commentaries at Rifftrax now, you could put your stuff up there and maybe make some of that Internet money everyone's talking about.
    On the other hand, even though I haven't listened to it yet (I will this weekend, promise!) I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that's it's not mostly lame-ass references to references (other MST3K's, Family Guy, etc) and movie quotes, so it might not fit with the other user-submitted content there.

    To reiterate:
    Attention drunk ass in theater: Mike is funny because he is Mike. And you, sir, are no Mike.

  3. Yeah... i try to stick to the movie. Other than Halloween, i think the only random reference I make is to Life Is Beautiful. I dont even reference Armageddon, and for me to talk for 90 minutes without mentioning it is pretty impressive.

  4. I... may listen to it. I'd have to rent prom night first... I guess. Or I could just think back to the recnt memory of watching "Dan in Real LIfe" ughh with you and it'd amount to the same thing.

    to reiterate [not meant as a dig at Jim:

    You like ham.

  5. This is fantastic!
    Once I Netflix the movie i'll try it out. I'm sure it'll be a hoot and you should add making more to the 1000 OTHER things on your plate.

    It's like jell-o. There's ALWAYS room for Jell-o.

  6. X

    Great idea! I might even rent the movie now. Not sure whether to thank you for that though...


  7. Got it. Can't wait to check it out. And yes, Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN should be high up on your list.

    I watched about 2.5 hours of the 4.5 hour MICHAEL LIVES documentary last night, which was about all I could take. It's literally way too much information and it doesn't convince me that somehow I missed something and suddenly the movie is worthwhile. I wonder if Dee Wallace, having seen the end product, cringes at basically comparing Zombie to Speilberg, Dante, and all the other great directors she has worked with. Everybody was sure trying to make a good movie, though. I'll give 'em that.

  8. Your sir, were totally hilarious, I saw the remake for the first time with you commentary and I might do a dvd-r with you track, which is way better than the usual commentaries we get on the dvds, I'll be looking forward to your next tracks, If you need a collaborator, I'll bring the beer!

  9. Hey, nightmare on elm 2 could really use your commentary!

  10. I don't know why it took so long to find you, but find you I have... and added Horror Movie a Day commentaries to my giant database at Zarban's House of Commentaries.


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