HMAD Commentary - SHOCKER!

Is tomorrow night's screening not enough awesomeness for you? Or are you simply not in the Los Angeles area and thus cannot join the festivities? Well, I got you covered!!! A spur of the moment new Horror Movie A Day Commentary for SHOCKER!! Read on for details!

Because I wanted to get this one up before the screening (just made it!), I didn't have time to wait for the most ideal settings. By that I mean cooler weather. So you can hear my AC blowing the whole time. But the good news is I bought a new mic so despite the AC sound, my voice is clearer than ever! Once again, if anyone is good at audio cleanup, please feel free to 'fix' it and/or tell me how to do so. Again with time being an issue I didn't want to spend too much time futzing with it.

As always, download the mp3 HERE and load it up on whatever audio player you desire. You should start the film at the same time as the commentary, so that the timecodes are identical. If you notice I seem to be reacting too late to things, the movie should be paused. If I am reacting to something before it occurs on screen, then the commentary should be paused. Luckily, Shocker has several wonderful songs for me to sing along with and help guide you. Let me know if there are any problems!

And don't forget, if you're in LA - OCTOBER 3rd, 11:59 PM - NEW BEVERLY CINEMA! Join Wes Craven, Ted Raimi, Richard Brooks, Vincent Guastaferro, and ME! as we bring you what may be the first revival screening of Shocker ever, in time for its 20th anniversary!!!

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  1. Hey Brian!

    Can't wait to listen to your commentary for this movie. Not sure I'm going to make the Shocker screening as I'll be at HHN at Universal.

    Question: I've been contemplating buying an R2 DVD of Shocker to hear Craven's commentary (not available in the U.S.).

    Wondering if you've heard it and if it's worth the buy.

    Let me know!
    allhallowsteve @ gmail dot com

  2. It's a good track, hopefully it will eventually find its way over to R1, but if you can get the dvd cheap it's worth it I think.

  3. hey BC tomorrow night for the screening will wes craven do a signing by chance or is he just gonna speak about the film? im coming yay! see u tomorrow.


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