HMAD Screening: Scream!

Told you I wasn't going far and that the site wasn't dead! Indeed, I'll have a new review up within 48 hours! Not too shabby.

But I wanted to let you know about the next HMAD screening as soon as possible, because let's face it - it's not every month I screen a seminal film from my generation or the one that helped pave the way for this very site in the first place. As I explained in my review and probably in a dozen others, I had kind of let my love of horror fall by the wayside in the 90s, until Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson's Scream brought it back - and I haven't "abandoned" it since. It was the first movie I ever went back to see a 2nd (actually 3!) time in theaters, and while its sequels have all disappointed in one way or another, my love of the first movie (and Neve Campbell) is so strong that I give it the same sort of benefit of the doubt that I give new Halloween entries: excitement and optimism, not dread.

So I am beyond stoked to see it again on the big screen in glorious 35mm, and I'd like to invite 224 of you to join me! The screening is Saturday, April 20th at 11:59 pm at the New Beverly Cinema, located 2 blocks west of La Brea at 7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles 90036. Tickets are a mere 8 bucks (cash or credit at the door; the former is preferred), or you can buy in advance via BrownPaperTickets. I'll try for a Q&A (Wes has come before, for Shocker!), but either way I'll have some stuff to give away before the movie begins - I've recently lost the need to keep so many DVDs around :).

As always, feel free to steal the poster and blog/tweet/Facebook away to your heart's content to tell your friends about the screening, because I'd really like to pack the joint for this one (ideally it would be like the crowd in Scream 2 for "Stab", though we should refrain from killing Omar Epps if he's there). Last month's attendance was pretty low for Final Destination 2, and that's the one everyone loves! I've been truly touched with all your comments this week about how sad you are that the site won't be updated every day anymore - coming to the screenings is a damn good way to keep me inspired to write up reviews and such! Viva la HMAD!

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  1. I would totally go to this screening if I lived in LA. :( Maybe you'll have a screening there when I do end up visiting!


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