Excuse Me, Mr. Bayer...

Platinum Dunes' Nightmare On Elm St puppe-, er, director Samuel Bayer gave the following to Fangoria (full article HERE):
“Look, I’m gonna catch a lot of heat for this,” he begins. “But some of these fans on the web should just get up, stretch, breathe, go outside and get some fresh air, maybe get a girlfriend and just get a life. They should see the movie and make up their own minds.”
Well sir, I am married, and on Saturday we went for a nice hike before we went to a big gathering with friends before heading off to another friend's birthday party.

Your movie is still lousy.


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  1. I really wish I did not waste my money on this lousy movie... My wife and I are huge horror fans and could have used the money to buy a stuffed animal shark or something cool like that when we went OUT to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

    Bayer... what-a-douche.

  2. You neglect to mention the big gathering with friends was an ELM ST signing, and then the birthday party was watching a movie in a backyard. Admit it...We are exactly what Bayer thinks we are. FUCKING NERDS!

  3. Bayer's just having a bad reaction to the critical backlash. The man can direct a studio film but can't take criticism (without insulting his audience). Sadly, some of the basement dwelling geeks he rails against actually liked his flick. Go figure.

  4. Got how I loathed this film. Completely lifeless and uninspired.

  5. MAN...
    im sorry..but the movie was awesome..

    BETTER than any of the originals..including the first one.

    so i wont be involved in this shitfest argument.

    Jackie made the character better than Robert did. The backstory was better, and the connections were better..

    sorry..but its true.

  6. LOL...horror fans don't go on hikes. BC has just exposed himself, he's not a real horror fan. Haha...what a douche (not you, Bayer).

  7. If your "Feature Directorial Debut" was a complete disaster, I think you'd be a little cranky too. It sucked Sammy, get over it.

  8. I heard that BC often exposes himself on hikes.

  9. I dunno i personally enjoyed the movie..I went in open minded and loved how Jackie played freddy..it wasnt robert and thats how i wanted it..I enjoyed it for what it was a new beginning.. The reviews might of sucked from major critics but I know plenty of fan boys such as myself who enjoyed it and the 32 million opening wasnt to shabby either for a horror opening... And i have a gf but i don't go on hikes because Id rather walk a hill on a treadmill inside a gym and bench and dead lift over 300 lbs :D

  10. This is the funniest shit I ever read on this site! Mike Williamson is my new hero!

  11. Wow, his defensiveness suggests that he gives a shit about the movie, too bad I didn't get that impression while WATCHING the movie...

  12. I have a feeling Mike5150 is like, 19 years old at the most.

    I would like to say that I have a stellar social life and I am a horror fan. I don't agree with insulting your fan base instead of just admitting your faults in your work. As I said to BC, it would be like if I wrote a shitty book (I am a writer), and when everyone hated it, I said "God, why are you guys READING? Get to the movies or something!"


  13. I'd rather have been on a hike than watching that movie.


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