As you might expect, finding new movies isn't the easiest thing to do (not to mention all the ones I saw prior to starting HMAD - PLEASE READ THIS PAGE!). Especially those rarities in the horror genre: GOOD movies.

So this post is simply designed for readers to leave recommendations (good or bad movies, it doesn't matter)... I might not be able to respond to all of them in the thread but you'll more than likely be mentioned if/when I DO check out the film you suggested! You'll be famous-ish!!!

This will also make it easier for me to thank you for the recommendation, as I will know exactly where it is (as opposed to within the comments of a totally unrelated movie) if I don't get to it for a while.

Let's hear em!!!

(NOTE - I've been deleting responses in which the movies have been since reviewed, with a shout out to the reader who recommended it in that film's review. Trying to make this thread easier to navigate).


  1. How about Anatomie? A German movie starring Franka Potente. That freaked me out.

  2. Have you seen Battle Royale [Batoru Rowaiaru]? It was pretty low budget, but I liked it.

    Just found your blog - neat concept. I watch horror movies almost every day too, but I don't think I have the "sticktoitiveness" to blog about all of them (cause they're mostly shit as you point out)...

  3. OH I have recommendations. :-p~ I'll try to name a few more obscure ones so it's possible you haven't seen them

    A Night to Dismember ~ I call this the worst movie ever made. I surely haven't seen one worse, and I've seen a lot.

    Blood Trails ~ This one is microbudget horror at its best.

    Fear of Clowns ~ This was kind of terrible, but the clown was cool looking and of course I liked the movie.

    Ichi the Killer ~ Takashi Miike at his sadistic best.

    Tremors 4 ~ I actually liked this almost as much as the original. It's terrible, but it's so much fun.

    Tomie ~ There are 5 Tomie films and they're all haunting but strange and surreal at the same time.

    Skinned Deep ~ Another contender for "worst film ever made."

    Dead Life ~ See above.

    Vampires vs. Zombies ~ Ditto.

    Nekromantik ~ German corpse fucking at its best.

    Nekromantik 2 ~ This one has more of a storyline than the original.

    I didn't see these represented in your blog but of course sometimes I go blind so I apologize if I recommended something you've already reviewed. Love the concept and your blog.

  4. I scoured your site and didn't spot the oldie Blood Sucking Freaks. That might not mean much though because according to IMDB it's had 9 or so different names over the years.

    FWIW, the movie was ridiculous.

  5. do you include horror films from all over the world? if you do, you should try dollmaster from japan, or bangkok murder (i think that's what it's called) from thailand. they're pretty good. off the topic, have you heard of blogs? they're pretty good.

  6. Have you seen 'Alone'? It's a Thai film. Quite well made.

  7. Just found your site through Blogger's main page. LOVE it. Suggestions - Troll 2, Motor Home Massacre, Hell House (japanese), and Audition.

    Keep up the good job!

  8. When A Stranger Calls (original)
    When A Stranger Calls Back
    Prom Night
    I've Been Waiting For You (ridiculous made for TV movie)

    You've probably seen all of these/are horribly offended for me to suggest such things.

    Oh well, I like your blog.

  9. Here are a few recommendations. However, as a horror movie aficionado, you've likely seen these.

    THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES (1971) -- My favorite horror film and Vincent Price's finest hour. It isn't scary in the slightest, but it isn't meant to be. It is, however, stylish and clever, and the complex theme murders influenced modern serial killer films like SE7EN.

    THE OLD DARK HOUSE (1932) -- The title says it all. Several travelers find themselves stranded in a spooky abode with a family of creeps during a downpour. This one of the best and least seen of the classic Universal horrors.

    BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) -- This was already mentioned above, but it's such a great film, it deserves another mention. "It's me, Billy."

    HAXAN (1922) -- This isn't exactly a horror film, but it contains horror elements and high weirdness. It's a silent documentary about the myth of witchcraft, and the demonic images contained in the film are unforgettable. Even if you aren't a fan of silent film, you'll find this flick very watchable. I had it playing in the background of a Halloween party, and slowly the guests found themselves huddled around the set. "This film is f'd up," was the general consensus.

  10. Here is a movie that became legendary in our group of friends: The Second Arrival. Before I continue, I need to warn you because it's basically a sci-fi movie, not an horror one. I know, it's off topic, but I feel to suggest this one... it's so CRAP-a-licious! Grab it somewhere, call some friends and prepare to laught! Jumping scientis, glasses that explode before they get hit, "mamma they stole my candy" hungry faces and more... more... more... Even if you don't want to write a review, do yourself a favor: watch it.

  11. I've got a few trailers on my blog - stuff like Planet of the Vampires (about to be re-released on DVD - I saw it on video years ago). There are lots of possible Mario Bava films - Shock, A Bay of Blood, Blood and Black Lace, Black Sunday.

  12. speaking of CRAP-a-licious ... here are a few of my favorites from the small-town movie rental place i frequented in high school:

    deathstalker 2 (it's not necessary to see 1 first, but 1 is also entertaining, as are 3, 4, etc.)

    sleepover camp

    nuke 'em high

    love your blog.

  13. Besides the glorious Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser types I was raised on, my two favorite kinds of horror films are Asian and from the 60s.

    I was kinda bummed to see that A) your Asian section only has 6 films in it and B) you said you can't really get into Asian.

    I feel that currently, the best directors (not only, but especially in the horror and thriller genres) are coming out of Japan and Korea.

    My ABSOLUTE favorite director right now is Park Chan Wook. His films aren't really outright horror, but for the way they play with your mind, it kind of makes sense for horror fans to be into his films. I saw Oldboy in theaters and left completely mindfucked. I had no idea what had just happened to me. When it ended, we all sat there and stared at the credits instead of discussing what had just happened. Wook also did Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. I just re-watched Lady Vengeance the other day, and came to love it ten-fold upon review.

    As far as Korean goes, I'd encourage you to re-watch A Tale of Two Sisters. The Host is a great one, too, but I see that you've already seen it.

    Speaking on Takashi Miike, if you haven't seen any of his films (you may have and just not posted about any), I can suggest three in an order that will build on how sick his work can get. Start with Audition, then watch Ichi the Killer, and then watch Visitor Q.

    As far as the 60s go, H.G. Lewis is required viewing for every horror fan. The Blood Trilogy (Bloodfeast, Two Thousand Maniacs!, and Color Me Blood Red) is a good start. This guy was tearing down boundaries in 1963. A remake of Two Thousand Maniacs was done a few years ago with Robert Englund playing the mayor. It's called 2001 Maniacs.

    Another series I happened upon a couple months ago is Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão) by José Mojica Marins. I think there are more than three, but there are only three available on DVD: At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse, and Awakening of the Beast. At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul is said to be the first Brazilian horror film, was made in 1963, and is one of the best films I've ever seen. Unfortunately, that's the only one they have on Netflix.

    I think that's enough rambling, but I have to add that no rape-revenge genre is complete without I Spit on Your Grave.

  14. "Reunion" (TV, Marlo Thomas, 1994)
    "Infection" (2004, Japanese)
    "Premonition" (2004, Japanese)

    I'm a sucker for non-English horror flicks, personally. :)

  15. You've probably seen these, but I'll rec them anyway:

    - Blood Feast
    - The People Under the Stairs
    - Slaughter High
    - Night of the Scarecrow
    - Sleepaway Camp 2 (which I like over the first)

    And I second the rec for Night of the Comet. "You were born with an asshole, Doris, you don't need Chuck"

    And Prom Night. Best dance sequence ever!

  16. Deliruim

    ...not saying it's good. would fall into the "breakdown" and possibly "crap" category.

    it's available on netflix last i heard and my wife is the heroin (seriously)

  17. Eyes of Fire, 1983 a classic horror movie.
    I saw this as a kid and has always been on my mind. The story is set in the 1800's, where a group of religious ppl venture into a valley, where there dwells an ancient evil spirit that even the native americans are afraid of. Anyway, this movie has motivated other movies like the Blair Witch Project.
    So if you haven't seen it I totally recommend it!! Oh yeah its really hard to find because its only found on VHS.

  18. Hi there! I'm new here and I love your blog. I've been a horror freak since I was a little girl, so there'll be no shortage of recommendations if it depends on me ( and I don't presume that it does). Here are a few (you've got comedic, crap, weird, etc): The Stuff - I bet you've seen this one, Vamp - doesn't get any weirder than Grace Jones stripping , Return of the Living Dead - some punk zombies that will have nothing but brains, The Company of Wolves - for the ladies, The Cathedral - it's italian but it's got some really cool critters (hehe) and a black mass with the devil actually doing somebody..., Cabin fever - a few laughs and a lot of gore, The Howling 3 - you get to see a marsupial werewolf give birth, The Aswang - a filipino vampire that feeds from pregnant women. By the way, I added you to my blog, hope you don't mind.

  19. Okay, I know that I already commented with a recommendation, but I just saw a movie that you just *have* to see. It's called The Beast Must Die. I happened to get home right as it was coming on AMC on Friday night. It's super cheesy and very 70s, but for me, that's what made it so great. I actually even got my girlfriend to stay up and keep watching it with me instead of going to bed. Really who can resist werewolf cheese?

  20. This might be a bit naff, but I've always loved Brian DePalma's Carrie. But, I have to watch Nightmare On Elm Street for a laugh.

  21. Anything Miike. Even the totally-not-a-horror-movie Happiness of the Katakuris. And stay away from those Sci-Fi originals! They only bring pain!

  22. Hi and congratulation on a great job.
    I just came across your website while researching horror films reveiws.
    Have to say I really appreciate yours they're the most honest and straightforwrd I ever came across.

    Have you ever seen a french slasher called "High tension". Pretty good movie, has a back to the classic flavor...

    Otherwise I couldn't find any page containing a list of Movies you recommended, a sort of top 10 or so...
    I'd be very interested byt that if you can and have time to put it together.

    Keep up the good work!!!


  23. I'd love to see your take on Ravenous. I searched your blog and couldn't find it. It's one of my favorites.

    Your Wrong Turn 2 review was great. If you could get an early look at Return to House on Haunted Hill, I'd woudn't mind a heads up as to whether I should buy the HD DVD.

    Thanks, and I love your site.

  24. I too just made a grocery store movie purchase, The Cavern. Low budget indie horror, actually quite entertaining.
    But for a truly brilliant horror you have to get your hands on Severance. I loved it!

  25. Here's a few suggestions:

    For more Asian horror - Uzumaki, Spooky Encounters, Izo, or Kairo. Kairo's got a really terrible DVD that makes you sit through trailers with no hope of skipping them, so you may want to save that one for last.

    For some good Italian fun - Rabid Dogs, The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, Torso, City of the Living Dead, or Cannibal Holocaust. Clearly all classics.

    For more local fun - Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural, Rabid, The Crazies, the Changeling, or Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. Citizen Kane ain't got nothing on these films.

  26. Who Could Kill a Child? (Supposedly this is where King got the idea for Children of the Corn, or so I heard)
    Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
    School of the Holy Beast (interesting Nunsploitation from Japan)
    The Hammer Frankenstein series (or for that matter anything produced by Hammer)

    Black Belly of the Tarantula (One of my favorite giallo starring Giancarlo Giannini and Barbara Bouchet)
    The Killer Must Kill Again (another giallo, this one by Luigi Cozzi)
    Don't Toruture a Duckling (another giallo with the lovely Bouchet directed by Fulci)
    What Have You Done to Solange?
    Death Walks at Midnight
    Death Walks on High Heels
    The Red Queen Kills 7 Times (another with Bouchet this one by Emilio Miraglia)

  27. I'd love to send you a screener of my zombie flick Hide and Creep. It's been out a couple of years, but still gets the occasional write-up -- like this one.

    If you're interested, drop me a line at:

    It's also available at Netflix...

  28. I'm pretty sure that is already queued! I forget where I saw the review, Rue Morgue? Sounded fun.

  29. Cool!

    The Rue Morgue review actually wasn't too kind. Fangoria, on the other hand, had some nice things to say about Hide and Creep.

    Hope you dig it...

  30. Ever since everybody started to copy "The Sixth Sense" and "The Ring" and even worse, the Big Remake Invasion started, I began browsing Asian Horror and the classic horror from Europe, as for asian films most of them are great (Host,Battle Royale, Ringu, Eye, Kadokawa Teather) some good (Pulse,Shutter)and others terrible, like "Cure" and "visitor Q"(sorry, uncle Bloody-D).

    IF you really want to waste 90 minutes of your life (although I garantee it will seem awfully more than that) Try "Crazy Lips" I bought it on e-bay and still don´t know how to get rid of it. (i´d give it away, buy I don´t really hate anyone ....that much anyway.)

    So there you have some recommendations for you, I think you already squashed some, but there´s a chance you still are missing some.

    But to be honest, I rather see a new movie idea (if there´s still such thing these days), than a remake (although there have been some good exceptions) And kudos for Hatchet and it´s slogan!!!

  31. ok, thus far:

    -the other side
    - slaughter high
    - children of the living dead
    - flight of the living dead
    -i drink your blood
    - i eat your skin

    can you tell what i've been up to? also, forgive me if you've done these before, i'm too lazy to look.

  32. Last night on Turner Classic Movies that had a string of old horror movies (B&W, but Love those). Two that were pretty good: Strait Jacket with Joan Crawford was EXCELLENT! The second was kinda a weird, Homicidal (1961) had such a good twist, and this is the funny part, 5 minutes before the film ends a one minute clock appears on the screen and the director does a voice over that basically says if you are a big fat coward you better leave the theater now! It was so funny, and the end had a really good twist I didn't see coming!

  33. hahaha thats awesome! i will def check that one out.

  34. Watch Funny Games before the remake comes out.

  35. There's one Belgian movie that's almost a horror movie: "C'est arrivé près de chez vous". It's about a film crew that make a documentary about a serial killer, the same concept as "cannibal holocaust" or "blair witch". And it's very funny in a sarcastic way. Probably the best Belgian movie ever made...

  36. OK, these fall into more of a science fiction field but are must-sees because of their awful-awesomeness.

    Planet of the Dinosaurs


  37. Just saw Cannibal Ferox for the first time a few days ago. SOOOOO much better than Holocaust. I'm not real happy about actual animals being killed, but if you can get past that, I thought it had a fairly relevant message. I especially liked the ending.

    The Hills Have Eyes (remake) I thought was better than the original. And while HHE2 was totaly shit, I thought this first remake was absolutely fantastic.

    I have to second someone above's mention of The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Watching TV one day, nothing on, so I watched it, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

    And lastly, something extreme. Salo in particular I'd be interested to hear your opinion on. Or maybe the August Underground trilogy, in particular Mordum.

  38. Try Deathwatch.
    British horror flick about World War I soldiers in a creepy trench. Has Andy Serkis and Jamie Bell in.

    Maniac Cop - an old Bruce Campbell slasher/nutcase that won't die film.

    Below - a haunted house type story set on a submarine in World War 2

    Versus - the most mental zombie/action film you will ever see. A japanese film. Also the lead from that is in a film called Battlefield Baseball, don't know if it quite fits as horror, but it does have zombies, singing and a character who keeps dying only to come back being played by a different actor!

    Monster Man - a slasher movie where the killer's methond of murder is to run people down in his monster truck. Also features a sex scene where the cute girl does a mid coitus Yoda impression!

    Deep Rising - Steven Sommer's first film (I think) about monsters on a luxury liner. Good fun actually.

    Alice Sweet Alice - 70's slasher that stars Brooke Shields

  39. You should definitely check out Blood Car (2007). The DVD just came out recently.

    Also, Highway To Hell (1992). I think that one might be hard to come by though.

  40. To the Devil a Daughter
    Pledge Night (FUN and AWFUL)
    Blood Spattered Bride

  41. Please forgive me if you've reviewed any of these already. I'm new to the site-saw a right up of it in a recent Rue Morgue (a.k.a. my Bible) and had to check it out.
    Anything with Vincent Price: I see The Abominable Dr. Phibes recommended on here a lot. Check out it's sequel, too. Theatre of Blood is a personal favorite, along with the original House on Haunted Hill and any of the Edgar Allan Poe adaptations.

    Beneath Still Waters-possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.
    The Nun-great ghost, bad movie.
    Carved (or The Slit-Mouthed Woman)-Excellent.
    Satan's Playground-One of my very favorites.
    The Tooth Fairy-highly underrated.
    Dead End-starring Ray Wise and Lin Shaye; actually kind of scary.
    Hellbent-also highly underrated.
    The Town That Dreaded Sundown.
    Spider Baby (already recommended).
    I Saw What You Did.
    Graveyard Shift (actually, this one is probably the worst movie ever).
    The old Val Lewton movies (like I Walked With a Zombie and Cat People).
    I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I. (filmed where I live).
    Cabin By the Lake and Return to Cabin by the Lake (which birthed my love for bad horror movies).
    And I'm sure I'll think of more later.

  42. It may be a touch tricky to find, and I admit it has some weak moments, but if you haven't seen Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburg, it may be worth checking out. It IMO is one of those rare horror comedys that works.

    Also, less effective, but entertaining as a curio, Flesh Eating Mothers.

  43. Alone (2007) - Someone already recommended it ... and it is good, but not as their previous project Shutter.

  44. Hey man, I didn't sift through all of the recommendations or all of your reviews because I am incredibly lazy, but here are some movies you might get a kick out of if you haven't already seen them:

    Spookies - Pure 80's cheese. It was apparently three different movies that were edited together to make one full length movie, and they bullshat up some plot to link them together.

    Forever Evil - more 80's cheese. This one's about a Lovecraftian cult who kill people every few decades and the 2 survivors who try to stop them. Lots of really inaccurate depictions of police and hospital personnel. Everything about this movie is ridiculous.

    Night Train to Terror - Great anthology. God and the Devil are telling stories on a train which is full of dancing teenagers for some reason. Bull from Night Court is in two of the vignettes.

    The Devil's Rain - More fun cult business with Ernest Borgnine, Tom Skerrit and William Shatner. I think this was John Travolta's first film role.

    Night of the Demons - The best 80's crap film. So perfect I can't even describe it.

    The Untold Story - Chopstick rape scene! An uneven film, but totally worth checking out.

  45. Rawhead Rex. Sleepaway Camp, and My boyfriend's back....or not the last one. I don't care.

  46. Hey BC have another one for you..I checked your ghosts section and thought you should check out 13 has Mathew Lillard in it along with Shannon Elizabeth. It actually has cool special effects and a decent story. Stir of echoes was awesome...Also do you remember MONSTER SQUAD? that is the movie i watched repeatedly as a kid with my friends (along with revenge of the nerds) I dont know if you reviewed it, but its a great movie to go back and watch..kinda like THE BLOB..which is now at the top of my que on netflix..i havent seen that movie since it was on HBO back when i was like 7 years old.

  47. Do me a favor and review the Blood Shed, so I'll know if it's worth getting or not.

  48. I've just read your Silk review and I think I might try and see that one. I'm not a massive fan of Asian horror but I have seen a couple that completely knocked my socks off - both by Takashi Miike, called "Audition" (truly amazing movie) and "Visitor Q" (this one will make you go "what the fuck...?" a lot. A lot A lot).

  49. If you're looking for a few Asian horror flicks that don't have ghosts, I can recommend a few. I haven't seen most of them and I don't know if you'll like them but they aren't ghost stories, so that's something.

    "Wild Zero", "Junk", "Stacy" and "Bio Zombie" are all zombie movies. "Versus" has zombies, as well as gangsters and time traveling samurai. "Ebola Syndrome" is a gore movie about... well Ebola and "The Untold Story" by the same guy is about a restaurant possibly serving people. "Guard from the Underground" is a slasher flick by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, who did "Pulse". He also made a serial killer movie called "Cure". "Memories of Murder" is also a serial killer flick. "Marebito" is kinda a vampire-ish movie by Takeshi Shimizu. The Korean "Quiet Family" and it's Japanese remake "Happiness of the Katakuris" are about a family opening a remote guest house whose clients keep dying, though "Katakuris" is a lot stranger. And "Jigoku" is about hell. Though that one may have some ghosts in it.

    Maybe you can find something out of those you'll enjoy.

  50. only have a couple of films for you and just like some other people on here, i'm too lazy to look up if you've seen them. hehehe...

    wolf creek - aussie outback serial killer type movie. i was slightly dissapointed, but everyone else seemed to really like it.

    battle royale - i'm seconding this movie (or is it thirding or fourthing by now?). it is absolute brilliance.

    white zombie - it made me giggle. alot.

    shadow of the vampire - interseting take on the filming of nosferatu and moves willem defoe up in my respect list.

    ps i added a link to your blog on mine ages ago, hope you don't mind.

  51. HI,
    Just found your great site.
    I request "A Howling in the Woods".
    Its stars Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman 1973.
    based on a Velda Johnson novel.
    I read it is very good. It was an ABC Tv Movie. Thanks Vince

  52. Have you watched House of 9? I just watched Cube and was wondering if House of 9 (similar concept) is worth watching at all? Thanks.

    Also, I'm new to your site, is there any easy way to search your review movies to look them up quite quickly?

  53. Suggestions for Asian films:
    Suicide Club

    (Battle Royale
    ...are both AMAZING.)

    Ring 0 - also called Birthday Ring. Its a prequel to Ringu, hard to find but worth the effort. Look around at cons and you might get lucky and find a bootleg.

    Visitor Q
    Tale of Two Sisters
    Ichi the Killer
    The Red Shoes
    Ab-normal Beauty
    Bio Zombie
    Full Metal Yakuza
    Long Dream

  54. I'll go ahead and recommend the film Sabbath. It came out on DVD about a month ago, is obscure enough that it doesn't have an IMDB entry, and is easily the worst film I've seen all year. And I've seen some stinkers.

  55. Basketcase. I friend and I watched it last night for the first time on VHS, the way it was meant to be seen. The quality of the video and of the film itself was an experience similar to being at the New Beverly.

  56. "Deadly End" (played festivals with the infinitely superior title "Neighborhood Watch" about 3 years ago but was re-named for dvd release...I have yet to check out the extras to find out exactly why)

    A truly disturbing, darkly humorous, slow-building gag-reflex tester. My wife was ashamed of me for liking this so much.

    PS: I apologize for my drunken Myspace comments back in December about RZ's Hall...oh, you know.

  57. Three of 'em for you:

    "Dust Devil"
    "Street Trash"
    "Brain Damage"

  58. Wow, that's a long list of replies. I didn't read all so I apologize if stuff has been mentioned before.

    Good stuff:
    Darkness (Jaume Balaguero)
    Tesis (A. Amenabar)
    Shivers (Cronenberg)
    The Brood (ditto)
    Event Horizon
    The Prophecy (G. Widen)
    The Hidden

    Better Than Expected:
    Mimic 2 (Fun sequel)
    The Calling (Decent "Omen"-rip off)
    Castle Freak (Reanimator-Crew united!)

    Terrible films for the crap section:
    The Giant Spider Invasion (the spider is a camouflaged car)
    Cannibal Man (Spanish trash without any true cannibals)

  59. How about The Keep? Oh, and Wishmaster 2. That shit is GOLD.

  60. try Mega Snake
    i think it was originally a sci-fi channel movie, but isn't too bad
    acting ranges from okay to terrible
    CGI ranges from bad to horrendous
    but it's still a fun creature feature.
    The line "There's No Shower In Here" is a great one liner (in context)
    ...and if nothing else then you can have a lot of fun imagining just how incredibly idiotic the people fighting the snake must've looked before the cgi was put in (some of them do even with the snake in).

    oh and also someone before me recommended Castle Freak
    i agree with that, it is very good, not like your average full moon movie (though i like most of full moon's stuff)...And it's based of an H.P. Lovecraft story

  61. I couldn't find it, so I don't know if it's on your site somewhere, but I would like to recommend the Civil War-era haunted house movie Dead Birds. I liked it a lot, and it seems I'm the only person in the world who did. This probably says something about my taste in movies.

  62. the brood
    the dead zone
    i drink your blood

    thanks brian <3

  63. Just mentioned this film in a c omment to your review of Candyman, thought I'd add it here aswell. Paperhouse, also directed by Bernard Rose. It's a very original film and I'd be interested to see what you would make of it (that is of course if you haven't already seen it). Here's the imdb link

  64. Voodoo Island... amazing film.

  65. Do you know anything about Hei Tai Yang 731. English title: Men Behind The Sun. It sounds awesome but I can't find it anywhere.

  66. Maybe I just can't find the review but...Jacob's Ladder.

  67. How about "Incubus," with William Shatner? Released in 1965 and is the only movie ever made that's entirely in Esperanto. It's every bit as strange as it sounds and it does have its moments.

  68. Irreversible
    Camp Blood 1-3

  69. I'd like to second whoever said Basketcase. It was the movie that introduced me to shitty horror. And if you could manage Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, I would be so grateful. My little brother got it way back when but it was in the wrong format (you know, EP when it was supposed to be SP...or vice versa, I have no idea) so I never got to see it. It would make my childhood dream come true. Oh, and Motel Hell. I split a bottle of wine with my mom while watching this, so it might necessitate being tipsy to be tolerable, but we alternately cringed at the skeeviness and laughed our asses off at the absurdity. Sorry I only have fodder for the "crap" category. All of the good horror I've seen is either classics that everyone has seen, quaint old black and whites that I keep to myself because no one else ever seems to enjoy them as much as I think they should, or new horror recommended by you. I heartily endorse the suggestion someone gave to have a favorites section. I always come here when I am looking for a good flick. I <3 HMAD.

  70. I think my comments have skewed bitchy so I will try to make a positive contribution. Much of my horror movie background came from having illegal cable like all of my life, so every summer I was glued to The Movie Channel and got to see a slew of great movies. Try The Beast Within, that still scares the crap out of me, and you learn some safety tips on how to deal with people when they have seizures. Galaxy of Terror with Erin Moran, that has some tender morsels. Without Warning with Jack Palance, blood sucking alien starfish! I do not know how many are on DVD but I think they would be great to check out if you have not seen them.

  71. Well, since you asked for some Asian horror that doesn't involve long-haired ghosts, here's some suggestions (some of which I already suggested in the Audition thread, but still):

    From Takashi Miike, there's Gozu, which is a kind of Cronenbergish head-trip horror comedy, Ichi the Killer, which is an ultra-bloody serial-killer/yakuza film, and Izo, which is a feature length film about a demon man with a sword that runs around killing everyone.

    There's also the Host (I think you already reviewed it, but I don't remember for certain), Battle Royale, Onibaba, Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf, Horrors of Malformed Men, Encounters of the Spooky Kind, Mr. Vampire, the Eternal Evil of Asia, the Ebola Syndrome, Wild Zero, Evil Dead Trap, and Battlefield Baseball.

    Also, if you want to try an outright parody of the scary-girl-ghost-with-long-hair genre, you might want to check out Exte, which comes out on DVD at the end of the month.

  72. watch Night of the Lepus. It'll get bunnies into your Beast section, and remind you how differently crap, how comprehensively crap crap movies could be in the 70s.

  73. Oh man. So I was just watching Jesus Camp (a documentary on evangelicals) and I was like, BC should totally write a review of this, it is scary enough, but not horror. Then I looked it up on imdb and sure enough it has the horror genre. This shit is crazy, frightening. Check it out.

  74. Killer Workout, aka Aerobicide

  75. Here's a few from me, didn't find them searching the blog:

    Jacob's Ladder
    Tetsuo, the Iron Man

    Have you done Maximum Overdrive or Virus yet? I couldn't find either but you mentioned the latter (the robotic spider one) and the former is pretty awesome so I figured it might be in here somewhere.

    - Salvage

  76. I recommend a french film called 'Baby Blood' aka 'The Evil Within'. It's from 1990 is actually quite amazing. Exquisite gore, lots of full on nudity, and a "heroine" that must have inspired the girl from 'Teeth'. I saw it this past weekend and can't wait to see it again.

  77. When it comes to awesomely stylish and symbolic horror, you can't go wrong with Richard Stanley's filmography, which has a whopping two feature films (and some documentaries and whatnot). My favorite of his is Hardware, which is sort of a Sci-Fi/Horror/Action movie with an artsy vibe not unlike Donald Cammell or Nicolas Roeg. However, unlike the films of those guys his are actually fun. The symbolism in Hardware is heavy handed but you've got to give him credit for at least trying to do something unique. My favorite part of the film is the creepy pervert (played by the great William Hootkins) who lives next door to the heroine. He installed security cameras in her apartment, but secretly also installed cameras to spy on her. Stanley based much of the character off of a creepy guy he knew in real life! It's definitely my favorite killer robot movie, and, while this may be blasphemy, I prefer it to Terminator. The style is awesome, as Stanley was greatly influenced by Argento (who's also an admirer of the film.)
    The other movie he did was Dust Devil, which is like a supernatural, slow-burn version of The Hitcher se t in Africa. The interesting element to me was that it was based on a series of real murders that took place (and ended with the suspect so messed up by the police in a gunfight that they were never able to identify him!) Like Hardware it's very stylish, but it's not as frenetic and it's far more subtle.

    Another unconventional horror film I love is Ingmar Bergman's Hour of the Wolf. It's very slow but it's not too long, and it has some excellent performances. There's one scene in particular involving Max Von Sydow and a little boy fishing on a cliff that's likely to creep anyone out. It's not a film for everyone, but I was very haunted by it. It's one of David Lynch's favorite movies (and a major influence on Lost Highway, which is one of Lynch's creepiest) and when watching this it's easy to see why.

    For a rather strange Argento-wannabe type movie, I'd suggest the rare Spider Labyrinth. It's really weird, but not Phantasm-weird, and not very satisfying in the end, but you haven't lived until you've seen the freaky spider-baby at the end (along with the killer and the ludicrous shrieking noise they make!)

    Also, if you haven't yet seen Intruder you have to get on that right away! It's by far my favorite of the post-Halloween slashers, mainly for it's sense of humor (which is to be expected in a movie directed by Scott Spiegel and featuring two of the Raimi brothers. Even Bruce Campbell shows up at the end!) My favorite thing about Intruder is the weird angles that Spiegel films things from. There's even a shot from the P.O.V. of a telephone!

  78. return of the living dead girls. its french. its weird.

  79. Ichi the Killer and Battle Royale Rule. If you have reviewed those movies already, please let me know so I can check what you think of those two.

    Oh, and try these other interesting Asian movies

    1. The Victim
    2. The Red Shoes
    3. The Teacher

  80. If you are looking for something different try Eternal Evil of Asia or any of the Mr. Vampire series of films or the Chinese Ghost Story trilogy. And if you want a little soft core porn/horror/kung fu check out the Erotic Ghost Story series. These are all examples of the rather bizarre horror films that came out of Hong Kong in the late eighties and early nineties.

  81. If you want some good, bad special effects fun, have you tried the Troma films? Blood Sucking Freaks is one I saw in Junior High and is still burned in my head. Good gore (bad FX) and gratuitous nudity....Terra Firma is another one to consider....Good Times....

  82. What about Tombs of the Blind Dead? Classic spanish horror.

  83. Attack of the Killer Pussies

  84. Here's a few movies that I'd recommend some better than others...

    Monster House--fun animation
    It's Alive--might was well see the original before the remake
    Race With the Devil
    13 Ghost--William Castle
    Planet of Vampires

  85. I was just thinking of this movie the other day. A friend introduced me to it quite some time ago.

    I didnt see it in your watched movies.


    (1995 movie with Jay Underwood, from "the boy who could fly" and all those random ass commercials nowadaways.)

  86. I'd definitely recommend Death Tunnel. Shot entirely on location at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium and not some Hollywood sound stage. Many areas of the plot have direct ties to actual events that happened there, as well as locations (5th floor, Room 502).

  87. I only discovered this blog today and I haven't heard or seen 50% of the movies reviewed in here. But after I read this section I found my opinion might count for some horror cinema fans. Specialy to those who are looking for a real scary experience and not the most well executed special effects. So here it goes:
    - REC
    - JU-ON
    - ONE MISSED CALL (Takashi Miike Version)
    - the RING & RINGU (See both)

    These are the ones I don't dare to watch alone at night. But if you're seekin' for GORE and extreme violence just try:
    or the classic:

    If possible, i'd like an opinion and some suggestions.

  88. 2 movies that are so high camp & so low budget that I love them so much!

    Motor Home Massacre (goofs galore!)
    Blood Car ("But I'm a vegan!")

  89. I hope you haven't seen these yet:

    Blood for Dracula, 1974

    Flesh for Frankenstein, 1973

    Directed by Paul Morrissey, starring Udo Kier and Joe Dallesandro.

  90. I have to first recommend that you check out Eternal Evil of Asia. I can't stress the awesomeness of that film enough. Then I'm going to have to insist that you check out Christmas Evil aka You Better Watch Out! a film of mind shattering greatness. Its like if Taxi Driver and Silent Night Deadly Night fucked and had a baby this movie would be that baby!

  91. Possession (1981)
    Dir: Andrzej Zulawski
    Isabelle Adjani &
    Sam Neill.
    This one totally messed with me, a surreal crazy head fuck of a film! Both actors are superb but Isabelle takes the prize, mesmerizing! Highly recommended!

  92. If you've never seen "Braindead"/"Dead Alive" by Peter Jackson before, you have to see that now. I'll recommend that movie to anyone who will listen.

    I just watched a movie called "100 Tears" yesterday, which wasn't that bad. It's a really low budget, really gory killer clown movie.

  93. "Us Sinners" it's a micro-budget horror movie that's been getting great and awful reviews.

  94. Scarecrows (1989) - This flick is about a paramilitary group that robbed a fort, although we don't see that. We see them on a plane and one of the guys jumps out with all the money. The rest of the team of course follows suit to get the money back. The action is pretty decent and random scarecrows start killing people. This is my favorite scarecrow film, now topping Dark Night of the Scarecrow.

    Hard Rock Zombies (1985) - Straight from IMDB Trivia " Originally, this was only meant to be about 20 minutes long and solely used as the feature movie in American Drive-In (1985). At some point during production, the decision was made to invest a little bit more money and come out with two full length feature films instead of just one." The movie is wonderfully bad because of it. Sections of it are simply like music videos, the delightfully cheesey kind, but the music is quite good by 80's standards, especially the love ballad "Cassie". If that's not enough the film also contains a midget, an unexplained self eating ghoul, a werewolf mom who uses knives to kill, a sexy blonde psycho vixen and much more.

    Winterbeast (1991) - This movie is claimed to be worse than Troll II and it is. It's not quite as charming as the former but it makes up for that in terrible claymation monsters that are completely random. ex:giant chicken, giant iguana, killer tree, etc. This movie is quite whacked and I would definitely recommend it.

    You can find all of these films on Netflix and I hope to see your reviews of them sometime in the future.

  95. I highly recommend Machine Girl. It's a Japanese revenge movie, but has definitely slasher elements and more blood that I've seen in a long while. Plus the main girl gets her arm tempura fried!

  96. Man, have you seen Nights of Terror? Midget plays small boy who wants to have sex with his mother as terrible, AWFUL looking zombies attack a chateau.
    (notice- when the humans lose the bearded guy- the zombies CANNOT LOSE. You cannot defeat the beard)

    Also, PLEASE review Death of a Ghost Hunter, it's some peice of shit horror channel movie that just... My God... Inept is not the world for it- speaking of Horror Channel and Inept, I also highly "recommend" trying to sit through 'Bone Sickness' and 'Zombies Anonomous'- the former is basically a feature length FX test, and the second is actually a quite entertaining Z-movie about zombies in a support group.

    But, seriously I actually recommend Wrestlemaniac, a slaher spoof that is just awesome, about a mexican wrestler frankensteins monster killing porno filmmakers in Mexico. Stock up on doritos and watch it in a sombrero.

  97. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  98. Recommendation.

    Tokyo Gore Police, which I've just reviewed on Amazon UK and, oddly didn't actually describe -more my own shaken response to it. It's a mixture of Robocop, Cronenberg, and splatter. Includes: a penis gun (the result of) a penisectomy, a woman whose lower half is a crocodile's head, a hand gun that shoots hands and lots more wounds mutating into weapons.

    I would love to know what you think of it.

    ianw700 (as I'm known on amazon uk as reviewer -top 1,000- and marketplace seller).

  99. If you want to find out what the absolute worst vampire movie ever made is, I'd recommend "Ankle Biters." I know its available on DVD, not sure how easy it is to get it though. I found my copy at a "trucker video store" just over the Arizona state border.

    I truly would recommend watching it, if only so that every movie you watch after, no matter how bad, will seem better in comparison. That and I'd feel better knowing I'm not the only idiot who's seen it.

  100. I don't know if you've seen R Point(or if I've recommended it before), but this Korean horror movie set in the war in Vietnam is my favorite of the Asian horror movies.

  101. How about DEAD SET. Its a british TV-serie about a zombie outbreak. With a length of about 140 min. it should count as a movie and it's really great!

  102. I saw a great one the other day, called's an asian horror anthology, with 4 stories. I'd say 3 out of the 4 were pretty entertaining, and the film had a fun atmosphere overall.

  103. Have you seen Hole? It's got Thora Birch, Keira Knightley, and Desmond Harrington in it. It's a Brit film where a bunch of kids get trapped in a bomb shelter for a week or something and they start killing each other... but ooh, there's a tweeest?!?

  104. I recommend "Little Otik". It's a Czech fantasy/horror/bizarre as all hell movie. Definitely worth a look-see.

  105. I just watched a strange German gay zombie movie called "Otto; or, Up With Dead People" and I would definitely like to hear your take on it.

  106. If you've got Mill Creeks' Nightmare Worlds set, you've got to check out "The Nightmare Never Ends"..You've got to see it to believe it.
    Every 5 seconds there's something that makes you wish you were watching Manos..It's hilariously bad

  107. Hey BC, check out The Child if you get the chance, I know how much you like Cathys Curse and I find the two to share many similarities so you might enjoy it, Ill be posting a 5m review on it tonight or tomorrow. Have a great one!

  108. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned these 80's slasher sleazefests:

    1. Iced
    2. Motel Hell
    3. Mountaintop Motel Massacre
    4. Graduation Day
    5. Don't Panic!
    6. The Burning
    7. Christmas Evil

    These are hard to find on DVD but I can burn you copies and mail them. Yes, I love your blog that much.

  109. How about Rene Clair's And Then There Were None?

  110. Hey BC, what about Ice from the Sun? I can't remember reading a review about it on your site.

  111. I'd like to recommend "American Scary".
    Don't know if it's been suggested, and you once mentioned you'd like to view more documentaries, and this may loosely count. It's about late-night tv horror-hosts.

  112. I couldn't find a review on your site so how about "pray for morning". It's actually pretty good.

  113. I just read your review of The Pit. I was glad to read that someone else enjoyed that movie as much as my husband and I. I think someone recommended it a while ago, but I would like to hear what you think of Bio Zombie. Like The Pit, I came across it by accident and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Love your blog.

  114. Shadow: Dead Riot is an interesting film. Well, it's kind of a "so bad it's good" type of movie. With zombies, boobs, kung fu, and Tony Todd.

  115. If you want to watch one of the most hilariously inept movies ever, seek out Black Devil Doll From Hell (1984). Or at least watch the Cinema Snob's review, which tells you everything you need to know about it.

    The funniest part is that someone actually felled compelled to do a remake/sequel called just Black Devil Doll! It looks pretty funny, but in a more intentional, Troma-esque kind of way.

  116. dude, s. darko, for the sheer hell and torture of it. dont make me have suffered alone.

  117. snuff, coon, frankenhooker, terror circus

  118. just wanna recommend u watching:
    - rule number 1 (chinese)
    - coming soon (thai)
    - alone (thai)
    - dial d for demon (chinese)
    - the maid (s'pore)

    maybe u've watch maybe not, but just give these a shot. and also, since u don't want to give score or grading, perhaps u can put a list of ur recommended movies... or put categories like, good, awesome or bad. because i wanna watch good horror movies, and i don't wanna waste time watching those which are not. and u might want to update list of movies uve seen? thanks.

  119. A new Recommendation is ONE EYED MONSTER starring ron jeremy and his alien abducted penis haha it was funny with a lot of porn jokes and actually watchable. If u get around to it ill read your review and give my feedback on it.

  120. The Children of the Corn series. I've seen the first one on here but not the many sequels it spawned. This is also a series I think that could benefit from a remake.

    Not exactly horror, but it's extremely gory so it should count. Some of the most delightful, hilarious crap I have ever seen.

  122. Village of the damned (original, not remake)

  123. sorry found the "recommendations" page after posting a suggestion on your "I have watched these" page.

    Aussie Horror
    Long Weekend (1978 remade 2008) - estranged couple go camping at a beach where their arguements lead them into conflict with the very world around them
    Razorback - big feral pig terrorizes American visitor in the outback
    Frog Dreaming - mysterious waterhole creature freaks out visiting American kid (a theme perhaps?)
    The Cars that Ate Paris (1974)
    Dead Calm (1988)- couple go sailing to get away from their lives and come across a languishing ship at sea...
    The Last Wave (1977) - a lawyer defending a group of Aboriginal's is beset by dreams and visions of the supernatural
    Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) - A group of private schoolgirls go for a picnic on Valentines day to the picturesque Hanging Rock... they go walking amongst the rocks and some do not return (classic 70's cinema)

    More recent fare:
    Wolf Creek
    Dying Breed
    Alexandra's Project

  124. I rented this Greek zombie movie a while back called Evil. I went into it not expecting anything, or knowing anything about it, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's got a great outbreak scene. The cover art makes it look animated but it's not. Check it out.

  125. I didn't see this listed on your site, but I just saw a kind of interesting low-budget movie called Spliced. It's a cross between Wishmaster and one of those "movie-within-the-movie" concepts, but I thought it was a lot of fun. And it has the late, great Ron Silver, too!!

  126. THE BELIEVERS (the 1987, John Schlesinger one with Martin Sheen, Jimmy Smits, etc)
    I've always liked this one and never seem to see/hear it mentioned on horror blogs, nerd conversations, sites, etc..
    Looks more like a police drama at first glance, but it's very much a horror movie. Plus it makes that rare, bad ass, ballsy, "oh shit!", horror movie move of a killing kid (or two)... so you know it isn't fucking around.
    If you haven't seen it, I think you'd like it, or at least appreciate it.


  127. You should definitely watch THE PERFECT WITNESS (sometimes called THE UNGODLY). Stars Wes Bentley, and, although I know you don't like to use Netflix streaming, its available that way.

    I watched it at work with a co-worker and we liked it well enough. Pretty interesting.

  128. I heartily recommend Fever Lake. It was shot on a shoestring budget and features the once passable Corey Haim. Bonus points for being shot near my hometown in Wisconsin, but it's so bad it might make your head go *poof*!

  129. Hey, know how much you dig the slashers. Ever see/hear of "Madman" aka "Madman Marz" or "The Legend Lives"? I've seen it listed as both a 1981 and a 1982 release. Definitely a low rent Friday the 13th knock off, but still sort of fun in its own way. I think Anchor Bay put out a DVD several years back. Might be worth a look...

  130. I see someone else has recommended Don't Panic! and I must second that.

  131. Have you ever seen a flick called "Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch"? It apparently is also sometimes known as "The Unknown."

    It's ridiculous. You should check it out. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

  132. Hey, here's one I know you haven't seen because it isn't quite out yet. Herschell Gordon Lewis's "The Uh-Oh Show!"

    It's doing the film festival thing right now. But then I'm guessing it's straight to DVD.

    Just something to look forward to.

  133. Have you watched Fraility? I haven't seen it since it came out but I remember it being a good movie even w/o the twist.

  134. Have you seen Mom? It's pretty crazy.

  135. BC, I cannot beleive you haven't reviewed Zombi 3 or Zombi 4:Afer Death!
    Have you seen these flicks? They're amazing examples of camp Italian horror... You're gonna love them, although I doubt you haven't seen 'em yet.

    The New Bev should show them back to back. Man, I'd fucking fly up to the US to see these things in the cinema!

  136. u should do a review of dead alive, i think i remember u mentionin that u seen it but i'd like to hear ur thoughts w/ a non canon review

  137. I watched a movie on Netflix last night called "The Perfect Witness." Apparently it's also associated with the title "The Ungodly." I checked both search engines and didn't see it on here. I recommend it.

  138. My favorite bad horror movie of all time is Nightbeast. It includes the dopeyest hero, stiff acting, most ridiculous story, mockable dialogue, terrible special effects, and the single most laughable sex seen EVER filmed. A huge and scary alien is traveling through the cosmos in his one man ship when he collides with an asteroid, causing him to crash land on the planet Earth. Wrapped in tin foil and armed with a disintegrator ray, he wreaks havoc on the nearby town of Perry Hill. One interesting note: A young J.J. Abrams actually did the music for this film.

    The director, Don Dohler is a man with a few admirers. And so, recently there was a documentary made about him titled: Blood, Boobs & Beast. If you like Nightbeast, I'd recommend The Alien Factor, an earlier film of his.

  139. First off - big fan of the blog. Keep up the good work.

    Second, story/recommendation time: Two nights ago, my fiancee Erin and I (we both recommended Rock n' Roll Nightmare a couple months ago) stayed at a Bed-and-Breakfast in Ashtabula, Ohio. There was no cable, but the owner provided some VHS and DVD movies to watch. All but one of the movies were located in a cabinet below the TV (nothing horror, much to our disappointment). There was, however, one additional movie, tucked away on a shelf above the refrigerator...a dusty VHS copy of a movie called "Frankenstein: Unbound". Now, being avid horror watchers, we assumed we'd watch this tape, then meet our demises 7 days later when a waterlogged, long-haired Frankenstein crawled out of our televisions and killed us. It hasn't been 7 days yet, so I haven't ruled that possibility out, but in the meantime I gotta recommend this Roger Corman-helmed monstrosity. Time travelling automobiles equipped with printers and weaponized clappers are only the two of the many wonders you'll see...

  140. You gotta review some more Frank Henenlotter and Stuart Gordon flicks. Their movies fit right in with Larry Cohen. Exceptionally fun horror films with tons of practical effects.

    See Henenlotter's Brain Damage especially. And don't forget the Basket Case series as well as his new gem, Bad Biology.

    And see Gordon's Castle Freak and Dagon. Both great Lovecraft adaptations (like most of his movies). Dagon was the most pleasant surprise I've had in quite awhile. Very atmospheric and genuinely creepy. Great locale, great make-up, you just gotta get past a few crappy CG shots.

  141. i just wondering if you've seen "I, Madman" yet? i'd like to get your take on it.

  142. what about pacific heights with michael keaton? more of a psychological thriller than straight up horror but still better than most of the DTV crap u've had to watch

  143. Blood Diner. Population 436 is on fearnet and I was really impressed with it,I thought it was a great story.

  144. I'm searching your site for Summer Camp Nightmare and can't find it. I'm assuming your search engine is malfunctioning...

  145. Hey BC... i noted your comment about depleting blockbuster of horror titles and wanted to recommend a few above average movies i've seen lately: Sauna (aka Filth), Home Movie, Frostbitten (swedish), and Penance. All of which are available from either netflix or blockbuster online.

  146. I just saw the first episode of the British zombie miniseries Dead Set. It was very suspenseful and gory. But the characters are interesting. There was an awesome gag involving a vapid/asshole TV director and a handicapped toilet stall. The sound effects were really quite scary. I searched to see if anyone else has recommended it and discovered that it was rec'd exactly one year ago on April Fool's Day. That's quite the coincidence... right! Anyway, the five parts of the TV series add up to about 2.5 hours and can easily be watched in a single setting. The DVD has been released in the UK but not the US. It looks like a bit of an underdog and could really use some support. I figured that you cold use your influence to promote it a little bit and get it released in the US. The producers are streaming it from their web site free of charge (in the UK): Just watch the first five or the last three (if you can get around the regional problem).

  147. How about the 2007 "Beneath" with Nora Zehetner? It's certainly not a classic but I thought it was decent. Mostly I'd just like to read your take on it because all the reviews on IMDB are of the opinion that it sucks. Some of the shots reminded me of "Suspiria"

  148. The Killing of Satan

    Seriously, how can you resist that title? It's a Filipino horror film from 1983 with more than enough insanity to go around. Most of the special effects are pretty cheesy, but there was one gory highlight that took me by surprise. It's overall a very fun movie, preferably watched with friends but should be a lot of fun either way.

  149. ok so i messed up and recommended two movies that were already reviewed so to make amends i've found a movie that i couldn't find here which i love and is worth seeing
    - The lost skeleton of Cadavra

  150. and also - the braniac

  151. Well BC, long time reader first time recommender here. Hmm, just two for now.
    The Seventh Curse, Chow-Yun Fat versus Alien/Demon jungle death cult. Also featuring flying cannibal babies!
    Mikadroid: Robokill Beneath Disco Club Layla.
    Uhm, just read that title. Fucking genius, however the film has a serious tone. Great "monster" as well.

    See you at the Alamo!

  152. A DtV Mummy movie made by Russell Mulcahy and starring Jason Scott Lee and Sean Pertwee, with cameos by Christopher Lee and Gerard Butler - Tale of the Mummy:

  153. You should check out frankenstein girl vs vampire girl, crazy japanese gore, the horde, crazy french zombies, and heartless, a flawed but interesting british demon flim.

  154. I haven't seen it, but I'm curious what you'd think of Taxidermia. It is on Netflix Instant and is supposed to be very interesting...

  155. Haunted Universities sounds interesting...

  156. "Red Room" - truly repugnant J-Torture Porn about an underground "gameshow" with a 100,000,000 Yen Prize.

    1 room, 1 box of household items, 4 playing cards and 4 "contestants"

    The game is as follows: 4 cards are dealt, 3 with numbers, 1 with a crown.

    The "King" gets to order the others around i.e. '1 has to [do something nasty to] 3 for 5 minuets'

    last player still wiling (or able) to play gets the cash.

    Truly mean spirited and border-line pornographic - I fully expect you to hate it; but I'd love to see your review...

  157. Have you seen Devour yet? Jensen Ackles stars in it!! Last I knew it was available on Netflix instant watch, but I know you prefer a superior format :)

    I did search your site, and didn't see it!

    I'd love your thoughts on it!

  158. Ravenous and Outpost are two surprisingly good flicks that from what I can see you havent gotten around to yet.

  159. Have you seen the Australia killer croc film Black Water?

    Similar to Rogue but more understated imo.

  160. You should see CRYPTIC which won Best Film at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival last year and just came out on DVD. It's more of a Twilight Zone type of thriller/horror/mindfuck movie.

  161. Watch Senseless on Netflix instant viewing. Thank me later.

  162. When I saw that you recently watched Alone in the Dark II...I knew it was time to resurrect a recommendation of mine from '08.

    I haven't watched it since (mainly because the wife DESPISED it on moral grounds). If you end up watching it now it'll give me an excuse to foist it upon her once again. My original plea:

    "Deadly End" (played festivals with the infinitely superior title "Neighborhood Watch")

    A truly disturbing, darkly humorous, slow-building gag-reflex tester. My wife was ashamed of me for liking this so much."

    What I failed to mention before: the film was scripted/directed by Graeme Whifler, AKA: the guy who wrote the original script for DR. GIGGLES. He was upset at how that film turned out, but there is clearly a sick sense of humor that the films share. It's available through Netflix...enjoy.

  163. It just occurred to me that I don't think you've ever reviewed Street Trash or Slime City! Get on that BC!

  164. have you queued up "I, Madman" yet on netflix?

  165. I stumbled accross your blog one night while looking for the true story that "Open water 2: adrift" was based on, the movie was driving me nuts the people were so stupid had to see if they were "really real". anyway i found your review and laughed my F@#%ing Butt off, YES this guy knows what he is talking about. Anyway after surfing through your site I really dig it, but did not see one of my all time favorite "horror" movies. Not sure if it meets your standards but would love to hear your take on it : Man's Best Friend Let me know what you think Thanks

  166. How about Dead Snow? Its a Norwegian movie so you have to read some bits. It also involves Nazi Zombies (or zombie Nazis)


    Pervert! Although I saw another movie similar to this (can't remember the name of it) - it doesn't come close to this one (despite both being pretty bad). How can anything compete with a killer claymation dick with a little face on the end?

  167. I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle.
    Its an English comedy "horror" thats got vampires (of sorts), motorcycles and a really stupid bike club....
    I knew it would be bad as soon as I saw it in the video shop....but I so thoroughly enjoyed it - several times.

  168. The Ruins, I thought, was actually pretty decent for a scary movie - some really creepy moments.

    If you're in a lighter mood, The Microwave Massacre always kinda cheers me up. I think its classified as a comical-horror movie.

  169. I'm sure you've seen these but:

    Ghost Story

  170. Man's Best Friend

    I found this at my local public library. It's not available through Netflix. It's got Lance Henriksen and Ally Sheedy. They both turn in better than average performances for a plot as hokey as this (Mad Scientist, genetically enhanced dog on the loose), but the best performance comes from the Tibetan Mastiff. I was astonished at the level of anthropomorphism. I LOVED that dog. There were a couple of astonishingly bad effects, but the dog puppet was pretty cool and it's amazing what they had the dog do to a cat.

    I could have sworn you wrote a review of this, but I can't find it using either search feature.

  171. Just caught the British slasher/supernatural/revenge film Tormented on IFC this weekend. Enjoyed it well enough, so I thought I'd look up your review. None to be found! Check it out sometime, its not too bad.

  172. Haven't seen anyone recommend Hellevator: The Bottled Fools yet. It's available as a DVD on Netflix and you can purchase at Best Buy. It's more of a thriller but curious as to your thoughts.

  173. "Just Before Dawn" - 1981 Slasher Film - George Kennedy - Jeff Lieberman (Satan's Little Helper)

  174. I did a little searching and could only find it on VHS, so it might be a little tough but I'd suggest Grim Prairie Tales starring Brad Dourif and James Earl Jones. It is a film about two travelers in the desert that trade "scary" stories over the campfire. The first is a nice revenge story, the second is a freaky "cautionary" tale, the third is a "human horror" story and the fourth is a haunting type that mixes live action and some animation.
    It isn't a traditional horror film, and is slightly slow paced, but watching the interactions between Jones and Dourif are fantastic and the stories are pretty cool.

  175. Just found your site it!! :)
    There's a TV movie from 1988 called The People Across The Lake. I remember it really creeped me out. It starred Valerie Harper...not quite as creepy as Don't Go To Sleep, but I definitely enjoyed it!

  176. I've been on a Mario Bava kick recently. Love his stuff. I had loaded "Hatched for the Honeymoon" into my Netflix Instant queue and discovered that it was going away on Jan 1st. So, I watched it last night with pretty low expectation because it was done in 1988. So, I was pretty pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It even had the feel of seventies giallo. There were some extremely intense and spooky sequences. The end was a bit protracted, but not enough to take away too much from the film. It's the first non-classic Bava film I've seen and it has made me curious enough to look for more.

  177. Have you seen The Ceremony (2008)? It's available on Netflix Instant.

  178. "Angel Heart" would be worth reviewing.

  179. "Zach. said...

    If you've never seen "Braindead"/"Dead Alive" by Peter Jackson before, you have to see that now. I'll recommend that movie to anyone who will listen."

    Yes, I heartily concur. I just finished watching "Dead Alive," and it blew me away. I don't usually care for comedic horror films, but this one really works.

  180. Here are two movies you should NEVER see. I had a double feature of crap the other night.

    1. Wages of Sin - Some of the worst acting I've ever seen in a film. It was like bad high school play acting. Four kids go to a house in the American hinterland and are attacked by an evil puritanical patriarch. Yes, there are multiple driving scenes where the radio is blaring a preacher's voice.

    2. Skeleton Man - So, take the premise for Predator but replace the total ass kicking, gigantic alien hunter (with the most influential design since Alien) and replace it with one of Ossorio's knights templar but swap that bad-ass skeleton make-up with an obvious one piece mask (saw the flesh through the eyes, assholes!) and a billowy, lycra infuse cloak. Also, his steed should constantly shift from brown to black. Poor Michael Rooker. Poor Casper Van Diem.

    By the way. Maybe you should run a thread where we can warn you about shitty movies. What do you think?

  181. I watched these films back when I was a teen. I spent the summers renting out (VHS) horror movies from a mom/pop video store in P.R. (pre Blockbuster era). Some good and others not so good, they all have a special place in my heart. I miss that VHS era. Anyways, before I start tearing up, here it is (some at least):

    American Gothic (1988)
    Hellnight (Linda Blair)
    Killer Party (1986)
    Terror Train (J.L. Curtis)
    Epitaph (1987)-interesting?!
    The Final Terror (Daryl Hannah-1984)
    Witchcraft (1988, Linda Blair)


  182. OK, I just got back from seeing a very unusual film called "Kaboom," that you should probably review when you get the chance. I was told it was a horror film, while IMBD characterizes it as science-fiction, but I think for the former designation is more accurate. Its kind of a self-conscious "indie" film (in both the good and the bad ways), and people are already inevitably comparing it to the more difficult-to-classify "Donnie Darko." Well, its not that good, but it is a good movie, and its very different from most other movies, which isn't something you can say very often anymore. I wouldn't go so far as to say this film is unique, but its highly original, and pretty much a must-see on that basis.


    The film involves a quasi-Satanic/Cthulhu-esque* cult that wishes to bring about the destruction of civilization, and the deaths of the overwhelming majority of the human species.

    *Not explicitly Lovecraftian, but neither is it explicitly Satanic, but there's a definite flavor in those directions.

  183. Hey have you seen or done a review for a movie called Feed? It's a 2005 movie...I like it. Also a movie called Pact With The Devil -- It's a modern adaptation on the Dorian Gray story by Oscar Wilde a 2004 Flick

  184. Please oh Pretty Please BC will u watch and Review Mutant Zombies From The Hood...It is currently available on Netflix Instant View!

  185. You should definitely review The Ugly from 97 or 98.

  186. The Cellar Door (2007)

    Low budget, but relies on strong acting, especially from the leading man. I think the film is successful because it breaks the mold of serial killer movies in that it focuses on the relationship of the captor and captive. The editing and photography are competent but I think the lighting needed some work. The film is too cheaply made to be considered great, but I really think you'll find it a pleasant surprise compared to most of the crap you force yourself to watch.

  187. You should check out this virtually unknown gem called “SLIMED” made in 2010. It’s a really short feature, like an hour… it’s more of a comedy along the lines of the low-budget Monty Python days, or a PG rated Troma film, hah, if you can imagine such a thing. Here is the plot outline as taken from IMDB:

    “Nature is under attack and Ranger Rock Rockerson is ready to shoot someone in the face. Along comes Pepe, a naive Bible salesman who stumbles into Rockerson's twisted maze of financial disaster. Together, they set off into the woods to save Rock's park from government shutdown. On their journey they discover the true meaning of nature, beauty and most importantly - how much they hate each other. But nature has an even bigger problem, and it's going to take you on a roller coaster ride of slime - drenched terror.”

    There is a link to a trailer here as well:

    Don’t ask me how I found all this.

  188. I'll echo an earlier suggestion of Jigoku. A really, really awesome flick.

    As for my own suggestion: The Night of the Hunter. One of those that gets lumped into horror, though IMDB files it under suspense. Still, it's definitely HMAD worthy.

  189. Just watched an awesome five part show from the UK that would be perfect for this called "Dead Set".

    Its about a zombie outbreak in the uk, and the only people safe from it are trapped in the Big Brother house.

    Watching the show was like watching the best zombie film I've seen in a long time. The horror is scary and the comedy is funny, and you can't ask for more then that.

  190. 1. Shadowbuilder (Demon horror. Michael Rooker’s priest vs evil shadow demon. Based on a Bram Stoker story. Not great but it’s got a good cast to prop it up and a unique premise.)
    2. La Horde (French horror action. The plot can be summed up as cops vs. gangsters vs. zombies. The characters aren’t very likable but it’s pretty intense and the pace rarely drops. In the last 15 minutes it basically becomes Left 4 Dead: The Movie)
    3. Necronomicon (3 short films based on Lovecraft stories. There’s also a wraparound story with Jeffrey Combs as Lovecraft himself reading from the book. It’s not very good but it has its moments.)
    4. Perfect Blue (Anime thriller. If David Lynch directed an anime it would look a lot like this. It’s awesome)
    5. The Bone Yard (Zombie siege. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it but it brings back good memories. It has zombie children, a giant zombie poodle and Phyllis Diller. Does it need any more?)
    6. The Dark Side of the Moon (Sci Fi horror. Astronauts discover a body hopping Satan on the moon. It plays a little like The Thing. Again it’s not great but it has a creepy atmosphere and score.)
    7. Devilman OVA (Anime horror. Guy has to choose to become a demon in order to fight other demons that threaten the earth. He does, and much blood is spilt in the process. Not scary, but good fun if you can track it down.)

  191. Have you seen the Belgian film "Left Bank" yet? I'm quite curious to hear your take on it. It's a bit slow moving, but I found it interesting and there are definitely some wtf horror moments.

  192. Thriller. The American crime/horror anthology hosted by Boris Karloff and touted by Stephen King as the best horror anthology ever. Season 1 Episode 16 is called "The Hungry Glass". It stars a hammy but charming young William Shatner and a convincing Russell Johnson. I found the primitive special effects to be very effective, but the atmosphere and the acting are what really amplifies the scares. It's the scariest thing I've seen in months.

    I know you did a couple of anthology episodes for Masters of Horror so I thought you might be convinced to review this. I'm sure you would be walking on thin ice with this one as far as the concept of this site goes, but you are also starved for GOOD stuff. Here it is. Watch it in the dark.

  193. Buio Omega
    Guinea Pig

    Am I getting into stuff that is too gross?

  194. Not a recommendation, but a warning -- which I know isn't the point here, but something turned up on Netflix streaming and there's just too much risk you might mistake it for a tolerable last-minute option, perhaps expecting something cheap but reasonably okay like 'House of Fears'. Oh dear me no.

    This thing titled 'Frightworld' (hard to call it a 'movie'; it only barely qualifies as a 'series of related images'), it''s just not good. An uneven blend of softcore porn and sophomore horror, interrupted spastically with music-video segments, badly recorded at someone's warehouse-of-horrors walkthrough. It may not be entirely without merit, but it's pretty damn close -- there are little flickers of interesting experimentation, but they're drowned out by a sea of muddy hackwork in pretty much every department from lighting to script. Based on the degree to which your reactions to movies coincide with mine (I've been following HMAD for at least two years now, love what you're doing, and I probably should have said *something* before now, so hi there!), I'm gonna have to say you probably *won't* enjoy this one, unless you're in a vindictive MST3K kind of mood.

    Or if you're in the mood to see a drunk girl pee on the floor, sit in the puddle and start masturbating to a fantasy of Killer Klown masks; in which case, 'Frightworld' is at least the cheapest way to do it. Otherwise, just a friendly heads-up: there's a turd in the Netflix road you might want to step around.

  195. You need to review 2 movies:

    “Long Pigs (2007)” - A terrifying new film that offers a decidedly different take on the gruesome practice of cannibalism. Long Pig - A culinary term that refers to human beings, which according to documented reports, tastes much like pork.

    “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)” - It follows a film crew that documents an aspiring small town serial killer who models himself according to slasher film conventions with a curious penchant for self-promotion to become the best-known slasher in horror history.

  196. If you like Charlie Brown and violence, you should click here:

  197. Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog) is a 15 minute surrealistic French film from the 1920s. The film makes no goddamn sense, of course. Salvatore Dali was involved. It contains scenes that range from horrific (an eye destruction that puts Fulci to shame) to batshit (a puritanical-pilgrim, piano, pony/preacher, plow pulled through a house) to just plain baffling (Stigmata ants?). It's length (probably) prohibits it's inclusion from HMAD, but luckily you can view the aforementioned eye damaging via Netflix Instant and it appears in the first minute or two.

  198. Evil Dead Trap

    Although if you are to tired and review shorts you could look up Cutting Moments on youtube. Quite shocking, not for the gore but for what is going through her head.

  199. Tormented (2009). You've reviewed an older movie with the same title, but they're unrelated. This is a wonderfully mean-spirited British slasher in which a fat, asthmatic ghost takes his revenge on the bullies who drove him to suicide. Honestly it feels to me like a slasher premise that's been waiting to happen for quite a while, and the movie delivers. It's not perfect (the dialoque and editing sometimes get a little too ultra-hip), but it's damn good and by my estimation right up your alley.

    P.S. Love the blog. My tastes differ from yours in some areas (I'm more of a sucker for confusing art-horror like Antichrist and Cemetery Man), but your opinions are always interesting, and I was glad to see you liked Calvaire! Give Polanski's The Tenant a shot, I love it and would be interested to see what you think.


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